Monday, August 20, 2018

Making some Easy Peasy Movement Trays

I am play testing a set of rules. It's a big battle set, with blocks of troops on square bases. The figures I will be using are my Lord of the Rings figures, which are all mounted on round bases.

The first game we did was a little cumbersome trying to keep the lines of troops with all the round bases, so I thought maybe I could make some simple movement trays. Since this is a play test I needed quick and simple given I might not use them very many times.

 I had some scrap foamcore lying around, so that's the base. I took a piece of balsa wood and cut 1/4 inch(about 6mm) strips.

 It was pretty quick work just to Hot Glue the strips onto the foamcore. Since these were semi disposable I didn't worry about exact fit, as you can see the gaps.

 Here are my Amazons on one of the trays. Worked perfectly.

 Now just to crank out a bunch more.

 The rules use 5 man frontage for units, with 25mm being your standard base size. The LoTR cavalry are mounted on 40mm base so I have to fudge that a little.

 I'll put 3 on a tray and just call it 5. For a play test it will work.

 I make 16 trays. That is enough for a small to medium engagement. One tray is 10 guys. A unit is 10 or 20 guys. I can have about 8 units or a few less if I go double strength units, per side.

Slap on some green paint and call it a day. About 2 hours worth of work on a Saturday afternoon. I'm pleased with the results. If the rules get published and I can get some other players, I will dive in with Laser cut sabot bases for all my round mounted LOTR figures.

Cheers, Xin

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  1. Pretty nifty. My LOTR and Dark ages collections are individually based on round bases and I invested in some movement trays: makes them very flexible for game rules. Good luck with your rules. 😀