Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wolf Knights for WHFB

About 2 months ago I got back into Warhammer Fantasy Battle after about a 6 year absence. Lots of changes since then and my Empire Army is a little out of date. One of the cool new models added to the Empire line are the Demigryph Knights
While I think these are cool, I felt they are a little overpriced. So I figured I could come up with some proxies to fill in. Digging through my plastic D&D figures I found 3 suitable models. Dire Wolf from the Dungeons of Dread series. Luckily I had 3, as buying 3 of eBay would cost as much as the DK's above.
Here is what the model looks like before. Rummaging through my unpainted Empire box and found 3 knights that needed mounts and after a little exacto knife work, they fit on the back of the wolf quite nicely. And here's what I came up with, my Wolf Knights

Cheers, Xin