Thursday, February 19, 2015

Painting update from January

Here's a few things I finished in January, but didn't get around to posting. First up some items to spruce up my Dungeon. One of these days I'll get around to actually playing a game instead of just blogging about it. For me having all the little details really brings a table to life. You can't have enough accessories or scenic items. The more you have the more life like it becomes.

So this is a mix of stuff I've been collecting over the years.

I have a lot more to paint but this is a good start.

WS is Windsword Accessories. I think some of their stuff is Hirst Arts
RB is Reaper Bones
MM is Mega Miniatures, sadly now out of production.

Next up is Otherworld Stirges

 A Stirge is a mosquito-like monster from the 1st edition of AD&D.

Picture from the AD&D Monster Manual

Monster Manual artwork, Stirges attacking.

At Fall In I picked up a Swarm Pack for 1/2 off since Architects of War was dumping their line of Otherworld Mini's. Too bad as I would pick some up at every convention. I hate paying for shipping.

 I got half of them painted up.

Otherworld nailed them spot on as they look in the Monster Manual

Mean little bastards.

Good thing they only have 1 hit die.

Hopefully real life will ease up some so I can get back to painting and terrain building. Until then, thanks for looking, Xin