Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Joining the Old World Army Challenge

In the Facebook group Oldhammer in the New World, an idea sprang up to have an army painting challenge. A casual way to generate some motivation to finish those long forgotten projects.

So two of the members, Iannick Martin and Chris Sabick, came up with the rules and format and launched a blog to chronicle the painting challenge. Blog is here and will be updated by the users as we go along. The Old World Army Challenge.

The basics are paint 1000 points of 3rd or 4th edition Warhammer Fantasy armies in 6 months. 200 points a month with a one month Mulligan. Post updates as we go along so we can all see the progress.

38 people signed up for the challenge. Here is a chart of the armies involved.

It will be fun to see the armies develop. I am going with Chaos. I have a smattering of lots of different armies, but Chaos was the one I had the most unpainted lead for.

So take a look at the blog and follow along.