Friday, April 15, 2016

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report, Empire vs Chaos

Hello everybody,

With Games Workshop pulling a lot of the Fantasy figure lines, I've been doing some panic buying on ebay and GW's site. Now that some of the goodies are coming in, I've gotten the urge to play. We haven't played in about 2-3 years, but that is not unusual. WHFB cycles through the game rotation every few years.

Last night my friend Lou came over and we played WHFB, Empire vs Chaos, 1000 points.

Lou's Chaos Army
Chaos General on Daemonic Mount
Chaos Sorcerer on Chaos Steed
8 Chaos Chosen Knights
10 Chaos Chosen Warriors

My Empire Army
General on Warhorse
Level 2 Wizard on Warhorse
5 Pistoliers
5 Reiksguard Knights
2 Units of 20 Spearmen with 5 man Halberd detachment

We did a simple table layout 6x5 and set up 24 inches apart.

Starting set up. Empire in foreground, Chaos in background

Line up of evil

Chaos Warriors

Chaos Knights

Chaos General

 My Pistoliers are out front because they are Fast Cavalry

Pistoliers. My favorite unit. Conversely Lou's least favorite unit.

20 years on for my army and I'm stilling using Battlemaster nights. Attached is my General. Sad.

Empire Spear regiment with Halberd Detachment.

2nd Spear(using Halberds) with detachment. My Wizard behind the detachment.

After our first turn of movement and very little Magic

My Pistoliers blaze away and kill one Warrior

The Chaos General charges my knights.  The Chosen Knights charge my spear

The Warriors move forward again.

 No wounds, they lock in combat.

 The Chaos Knights charge my spear and my detachment counter charges in the flank. He kills 4 spear, I kill one knight after 22 attacks(and re-roll misses). We lock in combat as well, tie combat results.

 On my turn I charge the Chaos Sorcerer. One wound and she breaks, flees, gets caught and is destroyed.

2nd round of combat here. I lose 7 spear to 1 knight. I don't break because of a spell from the wizard. In the other fight, the chaos general challenges my general to a fight, I take one wound, but we lock cause my unit has a banner.

At this point we called it as it was getting late. I'd have to give a minor victory to Chaos. I didn't really have a way to win those 2 fights and it would be a while get help from my other troops.

It was fun and frustrating at the same time. Fighting an army like Chaos with all the really heavy armor sucks. In the initial Chaos Knight charge vs my spear, I got 22 attacks AND re-rolls for misses. The only way to fight them is tune up my army for this specific foe. And I forgot a major tenant of the Empire army, "Never leave home without Cannons". Ah well, it was still fun. I need to get some paint on my Bretonnians that I've had since Sigmar was a boy.

Cheers, Xin/Jeff