Sunday, March 29, 2015

Painted up Wizard's Library

Just a quick post to share some pics of Windswords Accessories bookshelves.

 All Windsword castings. They are just selling casted up Hirst Arts pieces. This is 1 Bedroom, and 2 Bookcase sets, oh and a Fireplace.

Old D&D Prepainted Plastics

Left to right, Old GW Chaso Knight, GW Priest, GW Wizard, GW Noble, D&D, D&D, Gripping Beast Dark Age.

 Lower angle

Comparison shot.

Someone had asked me about durabilty, well as I was putting away the pieces of my photo shoot, I dropped ALL the cast up pieces in the box top there. I have chipped edges, but nothing shattered!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Painting Spree, Reaper and Otherworld

My painting seems to come in waves. I'll have figures on the table, languishing for months and some new figure comes in and sparks an interest and I'm off to the races. then the painted figures come off the table in batches, but the important thing is they come off the table.

Another thing I've noticed is it's easier to add figures to the painting table than complete them. Then my table gets full and I can't do anything.  Every few months I just have to remove half painted figures to have some working room.

Here's the latest batch of figures

This is the Otherworld Demon Idol. Copied from the cover of The AD&D Players Handbook. I've had it since day it came out, but never got around to painting it.

I made the Candles out of green stuff and plastic card.

I tried my first lighting effect paint job.

The idol is sitting on Dwarven Forge Dungeon tiles. Love this stuff

Next up, 2 Reaper Bones Giant Rats. Man are these things big.

Not the size of dog, but the size of horse. "Were gonna need a bigger boat"

Here are Reaper Bones Giant Beetles.

Very easy to paint, mounted on 1.25 inch washers, with a Medium Gel textured base.

I think I need more, 4 doesn't get that Swarm effect

 This last guy is the Reaper Bones Toad Demon. I really like this guy

I did some very subtle shading and highlighting that is lost in the photography.

He's a big boy too.

The rocks are sea glass that I bought at a craft store. For just a few bucks, you could all sorts of shapes and sizes.

I love the menacing look on his face.

Reaper Bones II Kickstarter

A few weeks ago I received my Bones from Reapers 2nd Kickstarter. I'm glad I backed this package as there are a lot of figures at a great price. I took some pics as I opened things up, so here you go.

Awesome thing to come home to, miniatures sitting on my front step

Everything taken out of the box.

Dragons Don't share box. Nice artwork.

Core Set

Expansion Set 2. I wish I got Set 1 as well.

Water Elemental pack.

Dragons don't Share tower. I got 2 extra tower sections for more ruins to go on the table.

Looking forward to painting him

Sorting thru all the figs

Crazy amount of figures

 Toad Demon next to Gripping Beast Dark Age figures. I really like this guy. He gets painted soon.

Well not an in depth look but a quick glance. I have already started buying figures off ebay from the expansions I didn't get. And some figures I want multiples of. Painting figures coming soon.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dwarven Forge Gatehouse

With the Dwarven Forge City Builder Kickstarter running right now, it has inspired me to build mock ups of the forth coming Battlement pieces.

So here is a gate house I threw together that would be fun for players to fight over. I can see them sent in to seize the gatehouse to open it up for an attacking army.

If I had more Diagonal pieces I would have mirrored the front wall to the back wall, giving a nice big area for epic fights. I will have to order a Diagonal Wall Pack.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

DF Mock Build number 2

Here's a different tower configuration using the Curved wall sections. Since the area of the tower floor is greater I had to fill in the floors below with more pink insulation. Good thing I have tons of this stuff laying around from other projects.

More Add-ons for Dwarven Forge KS unlocked

Today Battlements were unlocked for the Dwarven Forge Kickstarter. And they are awesome!

Here are the Add-on Packs:

Now the Wall Foundations are simply The Narrow Dungeon Tiles from the last Kickstarter. They will fit perfectly under the Battlements, since the Battlements use the same 2x2 system as the dungeon tiles. In fact you can mix in all the KS1 pieces with the Battlements.

I built a Castle Front Gate using KS1 tiles.

First tower inner support is Pink House Insulation. 3/4inch. Two glued together are the height of the wall.

Narrow Passage Dungeon pieces from KS2

Other tower inner support is column from KS1

Gate made from 2 Curved wall sections on their side. Of course this blocks the gate, but this is just a quick build. I might consider cutting the floor way from the curved wall so I can pass thru the gate.

Small Door leading into the tower

Each Tower made from 12 corner pieces of KS1

Again the gate is not able to pass through as I did a quick build to take pics

Using walls as battlements. Gave the guards on the walls a step using freestanding walls

I made a quick balsa wood gate to fit the opening for this shot.

 Added figures for sense of scale.

Hope this helps you visualize the AWESOME Power of the Battlements

Cheers, Xin