Saturday, April 7, 2018

The field of Dead....projects

I will be the first to admit I have the "new shiney" syndrome in a bad way.

So when I'm painting a figure and I lose interest I slide it back to the back of the painting area. I paint on a 12x12 ceramic floor tile. So it starts like this....

1 Start painting a unit of Figure A.
2 Become bored or disinterested in Figure A,
3 Start painting Figure B, Figure A gets pushed to the back of the tile, I will get back to it, I Swear.
4 Become bored or disinterested in Figure B,
5 Start painting Figure C, Figure B gets pushed to back of tile. Figure A gets pushed off the tile.
6 Rinse repeat.

Here are some shots of my painting table of dead projects

Cheers, Xin

A great figure storage solution.

I came across this blog post today about making custom storage for figures. There are lots of foam storage solutions out there. But sometimes you have odd shaped figures and models that just don't fit. Well this blog post solves that and does it CHEAPLY.

This certainly solves some of my storage solutions. Pop over to his blog and take a look.