Friday, January 16, 2015

Building The Lonely Mountain, Part 1

My Friends and are putting on the Battle of Five Armies at Cold Wars. We have started a new blog for the build and the rules we are writing, Blood of Heroes.

Check the build here: Building The Lonely Mountain Part 1


Thursday, January 8, 2015

Big update, Reaper, Otherworld and GW

I've been on a painting tear lately. I'm painting as much as I can. So here is the latest offerings. Some just finished and some finished back in Dec but never got around to posting.

First up is a GW or Marauder Ogre from 1989.  I've used him many times back when the Empire could have Ogre Units. I never was found of the wife beater tee-shirt, so it's been on my painting table for a repaint for the last 5 years. I finally asked my Friend Lou, if he could sculpt on some armor. As you can see below, he did a fantastic job. I also cut off the sword and used a weapon from a Ral Partha Giant.

Next up we have a Reaper Bones Figure, Labella DeMornay, Banshee. It's a great sculpt. The best part is I didn't have to paint it, I just did a light green wash. I mounted it on a 40mm GW base. On the base I added some skeleton bits I had left over from a GW skellie box. I added some static grass, some grass tufts, and flowerd tufts.

Here is another translucent Reaper Bones figure, Ghostly Summons. Another great sculpt of rising spirits. Again I did a light green wash, but this time I added a light white dry brush on the "smokey" parts of the sculpt. Again mounted on a 40mm gw base, The figure has an integral base, which looks like a summoning circle. So I attempted to paint the runes a glowing blue. Not sure how well it comes out in pictures though.

Here is the 2nd of the Otherworld Trolls. I painted the first one up back in June(Link). I picked up the 2nd one off ebay for good price. I forgot the method and paints I used the first time so it took some experimenting to get it to match the first one. Mounted on a GW 40mm base, with some decorative elements.

And last up we go back to Reaper Bones, Vermin Spiders. I've been painting with a dungeon crawl in mind, but I picked up pack of scenic elements from Windsword Accessories with this cool tree stump and log so I wanted to use it for a base. Mounted on 1 inch Fender Washers.

The Windsword tree stump is on the right. The dead tree on the left is a real branch. The large stones are bits of sea glass.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Painted Reaper Monsters

Here are a few more Reaper figures I banged out over the Holidays. Since we had nothing to do on New Years Day, I manged to get a lot of painting done. These are more monsters intended for D&D this year.

First up, Reaper Bones Scorpins. Mounted on metal fender washers and textured with medium gel.

Some adventurers find out how deadly scorpions can be.

Next up are 2 Stone Golems. One is a Reaper Metal and the other is a Reaper Bones. The Bones line really shines with the larger creatures. Very hard to tell them apart.

 Here we have some very old figures facing off. Except for the golems, they are all old GW figures. Some from the mid-80s.

More figures to come, Xin