Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Dice!

What gaming geek doesn't love new Dice? The few weeks ago I was trolling around Kickstarter and I found this KS for double sided 6 siders. My inner geek said, "we need those"

Well the KS is over, but their online store (Here) is open. So I ordered some over Christmas. I got them in last week. They are just 12 sided dice with 1-6 twice. They also had 12 sided 1-4 dice. I got them too!

 I got a 6 pack of Red

And a 6 pack of black. They had other colors but I liked the opposing nature of these 2 sets.

A dice bag came for Free

Here are the 4 sided dice. Ever step on an old school 4 sided after playing D&D all night? I think they were originally used as Caltrops.

Not really necessary for gaming, but I like accessories. I also like the way they roll.

Support your inner geek and buy some from Double Six Dice