Friday, April 12, 2019

Blacksmith's Forge

I picked up this Blacksmith's Shop at Cold Wars. It's from Novus Design Studio. It's a really nice piece. I really liked the detail on the model. It's 2 pieces, the shop and the roof is separate.

I added a few details of stuff I've had sitting around for a while. The extra's added are, the anvil and hammer, tongs, sledgehammer, scratch built table, small table, grinding wheel, sword, bench, and the 4 sacks. All other details are molded on.

I'm very happy the way it came out. It is a great piece that was easy to paint. I hope Novus Design Studios makes some additional buildings to go with it.

Cheers, Xin

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Seven Statues of Rome - Kickstarter

I just this cool looking Kickstarter. I'm terrain junky and love tarting up my battle tables.

Here's the link: Seven Statues.

And of course I had to add the pedestals.


Wednesday, April 3, 2019

WHFB 6th Ed Battle Report, Vampire Counts vs Dwarves

After spending loads of time putting together tables for Cold Wars, I finally got to play a game.

My Friend Lou came over and we played Warhammer Fantasy Battle. I took Vampire Counts and Lou took Dwarves. I haven't played WHFB in maybe 2  years(WHFB Elves vs Empire, 8th ed)

This time it's 6th Edition. One of the reasons I like 6th is, it is the most expansive. It has the most Army Books and Supplements of any edition. 

Here's a quick write up of our game:

Vampire Counts(Me) 1000pts
Skeleton Regiment
Skeleton Regiment
Dire Wolf Pack
Dire Wolf Pack
Bat Swarm
General Vampire Count (Blood Dragon)
Vampire Thrall ( Blood Dragon )

Dwarves (Lou) 1000 pts
Warriors with Great Weapon and Magic Banner
Warriors HW and Shield

 VC on the left, Stunties on the right.

 Left to right my battle line, Dire Wolves, Skeletons with Necromancer

 Middle Bat Swarms, Vampire Count and 2nd Skeleton unit with Vampire Thrall.

 Far Right, a line unit of Dire Wolves.

 Close ups

 These are Battle Master Wolves. I used green stuff to over the saddle.

 The Dwarves, from his Left to right. Warriors with Hand Weapon and Shield. Rune Lord, and Cannon

 Next is a Crossbow unit. Then Warriors with Great Weapon, and on the far right are the Slayers.

 VC win initiative, I march straight forward

 Here I made a mistake, the Wolves could not march by themselves. On the right they did a half move, so no big deal. On the left I marched, oops.

 The Dwarves stood still. The Xbow killed 2 Wolves.

 Lou guessed the cannon perfectly and bounced through 4 ranks. Unfortunately for him, he rolled 2 "1's" to Wound.

 Round 2, I charged the cannon with the Dire Wolves. On the charge, we tied, I killed one and he killed one. On the Dwarf turn Lord charged in, rolled really bad. I killed another Cannon crew and he killed one wolf. Another mistake, I was immune to psychology being undead, but I rolled for a break test and failed.

 My main units move forward, Bats fly over the standing stones. The Slayers turn to face the Wolves sweeping around the side.

 Third round, The bats charge the Slayers in the flank. No break test as they are unbreakable. The Vampire Count and Skeleton unit with Vampire Thrall charge the Warriors unit. I win the combat easily with 2 Vampires. Honestly how do you fight Vampires?

 The Warriors break and flee, I fail to catch. The skeletons slam into the Xbow Unit.
The Bat Swarm Killed a slayer, Didn't take any casualties, slayers don't break so they are stuck on the Slayers Flank, pinning them in place.

 I just realized as I type this I think we missed a round of combat on the Dwarves turn. Damn it. On Turn 4, the Vampire Count slams into the back of the Xbow unit. With the 2 vampires, and rear charge, the unit breaks.

The Warrior unit on the back edge rallied. but the Wolves hitting the flank break it again. At this point, the Dwarf player throws in the towel.


I made a mistake with the Wolves. Not terrible but they got around the flank faster than they should have. They would have got there a turn later.

I didn't get a single spell off due to Dwarf Dispel dice

Vampires are just monsters in combat. This is the first time using both armies. Not sure what the Dwarves could do against them.

The Dwarf player was a little frustrated and I get that. We will have to play again and swap armies.

I think I have a Dwarf Organ gun, may that might have been better than a Cannon.

Anyway it was fun to play 6th. It was fun to play with new armies. I bought the Dwarves painted, and recently painted the VC. It was just fun to game.

Cheers, Xin/Jeff