Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Some D&D Terrain

I am dipping my toe back into the Dungeons and Dragons pond after about a 20 year break. I'm trying 4 edition. It's a big change from 2nd ed when I last played, but I like it. I've been wargaming since I last played D&D and one thing that held me back from D&D was going back to drawing terrain on an erasable mat.

I love making terrain and the modeling aspect of wargaming almost as much as wargaming. So I didn't want to give up playing on nice looking tabletops. At first I tried a few skirmishes using no battlemat. Just replaced squares with inches. It works to a degree that you can make a go of it but not without issues. But I was gonna also try using the battlemat.

Last night I was putting together an adventure for my friends and I thought I'd print out some Dungeon tiles or something. I couldn't find anything I liked and was about to toss in the towel when inspiration struck. I could scratch out a grid on pink foam board, slap on some gray paint and I would be in business. Shouldn't take any time at all.....

Well it was much easier than I thought, looked much better than I hoped, but that led to....Mission Creep. Once I got going, my project kept getting more elaborate and elaborate. I didn't make my 12 midnight bed time, but 2 is not bad, right? Sigh. Well the results are below.

This is the entrance to the dead Wizards Lair that has been taken over by forces unknown. The stalwart PC's have been hired to clean it out. We are just going thru an adventure to learn the mechanics with minimal roleplay. 4e is a lot to learn. This is the ledge on the side of a cliff entrance to the wizards lair. Next week I will build interior boards.

Cheers, Xin