Wednesday, July 15, 2020

My first game of Oathmark

I've had these rules for a few weeks now, but didn't get around to getting in a game till last night. My friend Lou came over and we took the rules out for a test drive.

I just painted up some fences, walls and a bridge so I wanted to get them on the table. Here we have a sleepy little river valley between two villages. Soon to be shattered by War.

I put together, 2 army lists, Orcs and Humans. About 1300 points. Using my Orc and Gondorian figures from GW.

Human's on the left, Orcs on the right.

Most of the pics are from the Human side(I controlled the Humans), but this pic is from the Orc side

 I took the Humans, Lou had the Orcs. Lou won initiative so Orcs confidently moved to seize the  crossings. I moved closer and showered them with arrows. I killed about 3. His return fire killed 2 of my Rangers.

I countered with Arrows and slow advance to the river. I took some hits in return.

 Someone missed their activation. I'm looking at you KING!!!

 The King and his bodyguard finally get it in gear and move up to support the lone spearmen unit.

Orc Warriors storm across the ford and slam into the spearmen. It was a bloody affair. The spearmen won, but both units failed morale and went disordered.

 The king couldn't help himself and charged into the flank of the Orc Warriors, wiping them out.

The King now pays for his rash charge and is hit in the flank. The Orcs rolled very poorly and only Killed one knight.

The Wizard used his one spell to Shift the Knights around so they are not vulnerable to another flank charge.

 The Rangers take heavy losses from Orc Bow fire.

On my left, the Wargs were making a run at the left most crossing, I sent a spear unit over to guard it, and the Wargs dodged back leaving me out by myself. Well played Orcs. I replied by shooting at the Wargs, killing 3.

The Orc Warriors charge over the bridge cutting down half the spearmen.

 At the start of the 3rd turn The King charges the Warriors in front of him. Cutting down most of the unit, but 2 got away.

Here is where I lost the game. I didn't think the charge through. The Orc King on his Warg flanked me, and wiped me out. We called the game right there.

Just a final low angle shot from one village to the other.

We both enjoyed the game. It wasn't ridiculously complicated and flowed along. We fought to a decisive ending but it was a close match all along. We can't wait to give the campaign system a go.

Cheers, Xin/Jeff

Friday, March 27, 2020

Frostgrave Rules Free Give Away

The rules author Joseph A. McCullough and Osprey are giving the Frostgrave Rules away for free with solo scenarios for this time in quarantine.

Checkout the details at Joe's personal blog:

It's a good time to explore Frostgrave!

Cheers and stay safe, Xin

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Friday, August 30, 2019

Scratch Build Dark Elf Watch Tower

I recently finished The 2nd season of The Old World Army Challenge(Link).  My Army was Dark Elves. When finishing up the last post I built a display board for some fancy photos. I decided it need a little something extra. So I built a tower. Here's how I did it.

I did a mock up of the unit layout and from there terrain I wanted to add.

Some simple elevation changes. Glued in place, then used light weight spackle to cover seams. Added some gravel for looks. Sealed in place with Modge Podge.

I used Microsoft Publisher to make a Hexagon, and printed it out on Card Stock. Then used that to trace out onto foam multiple times to build up to a height that looked good.

Hand Cutting Foam does not give you straight edges, so I trimmed off the edges on the Proxxon Foam Cutter. I then cut a smaller hex set for another tier.

Looking online for inspiration I saw a lot of towers with Spikey Wings. I drew out a pattern on Card Stock. One for the top level and one for the bottom level. I used that pattern to cut out wings in Foam Core.

Some quick hot glue gun action and they are mounted.

I ran an extra bead of glue down the side of each wing for strength.

Dark Elves for Scale

Foamcore Door, Mountain Dew Hinges

Added some Foamcore Decorative Elements

It's all coming together.

Another Door for the 2nd level.

Ramp for the Front Door

Ready for paint.

I used a craft paint for my Dark Elves. I had Home Depot mix up a larger batch so I could paint the display board.

Primed the tower

Dry brushing the textured ground.

Display Board done.

I painted a the background after watching a couple of Bob Ross videos. I think I need to add some clouds

Here's the final shot.

And that's the Dark Elf tower. I will post more on the Army in a few days.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

3rd Breakfast, Halfling Kickstarter

Westfalia Miniatures is running another Halfling Kickstarter, called Third Breakfast. Unfortunately I missed out on 2nd Breakfast and the Hobbit Holes which they can't make anymore. I think I'm in for this one.

Here are some painted examples.

Ciao for now, Xin