Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Peasants for Dark Age and LoTR

While failing to keep ahead of the growing lead pile, I do manage to get somethings done. This week I finished some easy figures in record time, about 3 days. Which is a blistering pace for me.

These are Gripping Beast civilians, CIV06 and CIV03. They paint up quick and easy. Now my friends Vikings has peasants to terrorize. They also scale well with GW LoTR figures so I will use them as Rohan civilians.

I have some of GB's Priest that I will paint up next, seeing how well these went. I think at Fall In I will pick up some more of this line.


I'm adding some comparison pictures for Reaper Townsfolk to Gripping Beast Civilians to this post.

Lurtz - Eowyn - GB Civilian - GB Civilian - Theoden - Rohan Warrior

 Lurtz - Eowyn - GB Civilian - GB Civilian - Theoden - Rohan Warrior

 Reaper - GB Civilian- Theoden - Reaper - Reaper

  Reaper - GB Civilian- Theoden - Reaper - Reaper

Lurtz - Eowyn - Theoden - Reaper - Reaper - Reaper - GB - GB - GB

Lurtz - Eowyn - Theoden - Reaper - Reaper - Reaper - GB - GB - GB

Friday, September 12, 2014

Painted up Reaper Bones Kobolds

I picked these guys up at my FLGS a few months ago and with most wargame purchases, it got promptly set aside.  I am gearing up for some Dungeon Crawling so they got bumped to the front of the queue. The Bones Kobolds needed someone to lead them into battle, so I checked on Reapers site and found Kobold Leader and Sorcerer. Once they arrived I started to work on them.

This is the 2nd time painting Reaper Bones figures. I know they say you can paint on them out of the box, but I have a ritual and stick to it. I like black primed as my painting base. So I washed and primed them with Army Painter Black. No issues with melting or sticky bones.

Here's the pics:

 Here's the pack.

 I think I need to get some more.

These are the bones.

 Detail is a little soft, but good enough for a Dungeon crawl.

 3 Poses, wish there were a few more.

 Doh, looking at this picture, I didn't finish the bases with flock, damn it.

 These are the 2 metal kobolds, The Sorcerer has spectacles.

 I really like this figures. Good crisp detail on the metal ones.

I will flock these tonight so they are 100% done. Hmm I need to finish painting the Dwarven Forge Dungeon Tiles as the Cavern Tiles are coming in Nov/Dec.

Cheers, Xin

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Alien egg pods

A few months ago at NJCON, I picked up some "not" Alien Facehugger eggs. I got them from Windsword Accessories. I really like Windsword's line of accessories and terrain. I also have some of their dungeon floor tiles. As with most wargame purchases, they go in the VERY long queue to be painted, unless something triggers a line jump.

Last week my buddy was coming over for a game of Rogue Trader 40K (going old school). So I whipped up an alien infestation scenario with a Rogue Trader crew investigating an out of touch mining colony. This was the inspiration I needed to get them painted. I am much more productive with a painting deadline.

So here they are. Nothing fancy just get them painted and onto the table. The base color is a green-gray, then the interior is a light sickly green then wash the whole thing with green wash. Both GW paints, I forgot which off the top of my head. Then I covered the eggs and roots(?) with GW 'ard coat varnish for a wet sticky look. I should have bought a 2nd pack, they are only 4 dollars. I will correct that mistake at Fall In.

GW Termies added for scale. I really need to finish painting these guys.

GW Termies and Prince Imrahil added for scale.

I highly recommend these if you need to dress up your fantasy or sci-fi gaming boards.