Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Amazons for Frostgrave and more

I like to theme my warbands for FGA. One of the Warbands I used for my Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago game is Amazons! Made by Crocodile Games during a Kickstarter, they are now available in their webstore.

I didn't get in on the Kickstarter but stumbled across some images of them on a forum somewhere. As soon as I saw them I wanted them. The game they are made for is a big battle game, so not really sold as Warband size, however I did email them and they would do a special order if I wanted for a small number of figures.

I didn't go that route cause I loved the figures so much I orderd the Starter set, and 2 or 3 more units. I want an army of these brilliant figures. They are still processing the Kickstarter so not all the figures are up on the website, I know they have cavalry models as well.

With the sales pitch out of the way(not cause I have a vested interest, just being a massive wargaming nerd) Here are the pics.

 My FGA warband. I only used 8 figures to keep the 10 player game simpler.

My Heritor.

 My Warden.

 Specialist Freebooter.

 Specialist Archer

 For standard crew I used 4 Swordswomen. After the convention Historicon, I painted up the rest of the figures to make a full 10 figure unit.

The figures are very detailed and are a joy to paint. If I wasn't trying to work on 37 projects at once I"d be painting more right now.

Cheers, Xin

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