Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gondors Commanders

Fresh off the painting table we have Aragorn(mtd), Boromir(mtd) and Faramir(foot/mtd/ranger). With a little bit of luck these warriors will lead my Army of Minas Tirith to victory over the minions of Sauron. Finished alonside of the "big three" are Damrod, Faramir's trusty Lt and an Avenger Bolt Thrower.

The foot version of Aragorn and Boromir where painted when I did The Fellowship of the Ring box set a few months back. I will need to get pics of that up. I did the Fellowship months ago, before I started this big push. Here are the pics.

 The Big Three

 Boromir, Foot and Mounted

 Boromir Mounted

 Boromir Mounted

 Boromir Mounted

Aragorn foot and mounted

 Aragorn foot and mounted

 Aragorn mounted

 Armored Faramir foot and mounted

Armored Faramir foot and mounted

 Ranger Faramir and Damrod

Avenger Bolt Thrower and Crew. I still can't decide if I should put the bolt thrower on a base or not.

Thanks for looking, Xin

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gondor Reinforcments

I finally manged to finish the basing touch up on 72 Warriors of Minas Tirith. It took longer than I thought. Well that and life getting in the way of my wargaming.

So now I have 24 Spearmen, 24 Swordsmen and 24 Archers fully painted and based. I need to finish up my commanders, Aragorn, Boromir and Faramir. Also on the painting table is an Avenger Bolt Thrower. They will be done soon. A big thanks to Thor for painting them for me. He is awesome.


Ciao for now, Xin

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cold Wars 2013 Saturday

Here's Saturdays round of pics.