Sunday, April 30, 2017

Age of Sigmar Skirmish

Games Workshop is very very busy of late. Lots of new products rolling out of the forges in Nottingham.  This time Warhammer Skirmish. Seems the lesson of getting slapped around by all the skirmish games in the past few years has finally sunk in.

This is from the Age of Sigmar Facebook page.

"That's right folks - skirmish sized battles are coming to the Mortal Realms.
This expansion will make use of the existing range of Warhammer Age of Sigmar minitures, and will be a way to play games with just a handful of miniatures, or with part of a new army as you build towards a larger force.
We'll have more news for you soon..."


Friday, April 28, 2017

Shadow War: Armageddon

Games Workshop recently launched a new boxed game. Shadow War Armageddon, SWA for short. It is using Necromunda rules but it's basically 40K Kill Teams. I've never played KT. For that matter I've haven't played 40k since 2nd edition. So maybe 20 years???? Not sure.

Anyway, I was reading about it, and seems like it could be fun. Maybe not fun enough to buy, but then I saw the terrain. I am a sucker for cool model kits. Then I see that the Limited edition (I think) box set is cheaper than buy all the terrain kits separately. So fun game, awesome terrain, and cheap. I'm in.

Turn out the pre-order sold out in 3 minutes or something. Well crap. What the hell, I call the closest store and see if they have a copy. I fully expected to be laughed at. Wow they have a copy, "I'll be there in 5 minutes". Now I join a Facebook group and see all the setups people are putting together, and see people buying multiple sets. I need more terrain.

The terrain box sets are coming out, but almost double the cost of the box set. Maybe I can pick up another set. I call 2 more stores, laughed at the first time, then scored another box. This one came at a discount too!!! $100 instead of $130. I can sell off the extra bits and rules I don't need to really lower the cost of the game.

Now I have a ton of scenery to paint. This thread is all the cool images I've found on Facebook and around the web of setups. For inspiration. If you see a pic of your and want me to remove it, just leave a comment below.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

An Iconic D&D monster, The Rust Monster

Back in the early days of creating D&D Gary Gygax, was looking for figures to represent monsters. In a Dime Store(think Dollar Store) he found a bag of "prehistoric animals" from Hong Kong. He took it home and started to come up with names and stats for the weird plastic animals.

I don't know where I got it but I've had one lying around for years and years. It's been lost and found about 2 or 3 times in moves. The other day I was struck with inspiration to paint it. So once again I had to go find it. I was in luck, only 3 boxes searched and I had it.

He's a big fella so I used a 40mm base. As with all my plastic figures I glue lead fishing weights to the underside to add stability and just a nice feeling of "heft". I primed him up and was ready to go. It came out pretty good. 

I should have color adjusted the image. In reality it's more red than brown.

 You might notice my hack attempts at blending. A technique I suck at.

 Fireforge figure for scale.

Classic D&D art.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the way it came out. What image I had in my head was writing checks my painting skill couldn't cash. I have to finish the base, and add a heavy level of sealer. The plastic figure doesn't like the paint I used. It already scratched off on one leg. Maybe this guy needs to travel to Frostgrave.