Monday, November 12, 2018

Icons of Pulp Fantasy Kickstarter

I just came across this small little Kickstarter. These guys look vaguely familiar but I can't put my finger on it.....Hmmmm.

I like to support small Kickstarters, as opposed to the huge ones that are really pre-order systems. This is what Kickstarters are about. Getting something made that would not normally see the light of day.

Also, who doesn't need a good Conan figure? The cool thing is these are already sculpted and molds are made. Not some CAD Renders which I've seen on some KS's.

I invite you to jump on board for some of this Pulpy goodness.

Link Here


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Painting up some old Imperial Guard

I will be doing the Old World Army Challenge again in a few months. I think starting in January. Until then, to keep the kids occupied we did a 2 month Sprint Challenge. One 40k unit with support. An easy to finish goal, and get some old lead painted.

I don't play 40k anymore, well not since 2nd edition. But like all good Wargamers I held onto my old figures. I went digging into the boxes of shame and came up a unit of Imperial Guard, Ice Warriors of Valhalla. Not new in box, but in good condition. I picked them up for a cheap price at a flea market years ago.

Out of the scattering of old 40k figures I have they were the most complete unit. I found a 10 man squad plus a Mortar Team, 2 heavy weapons and a Commander. More figures than I needed to paint for the challenge, but better to paint now than having 3 figures left over. Plus I might be able to use them for Kill Team or Rogue Trader.

 I didn't go with the standard paint job. I tried a couple of different paint schemes before landing on this one. I am very happy with the colors I ended up with. Sometimes picking colors is the hardest part for me.

I also I didn't go with snow covered bases because I have no other snow covered figures to use with them. I tried to "cheat" and just give it a blotchy light grey dry brush. It looks a little snowy. Also not out of place in city ruins. It works well enough for me.

It was a fun little challenge and nice to get paint on old figures. Now the real trick is to get them on the table. Lately I do more painting than playing, and that's not alot.

Xin/ Jeff