Thursday, October 29, 2015

Frostgrave Table for Fall In

I started work on my Frostgrave table a few weeks ago, but since I am also doing a table for The Battle of Rivoli, as well, I got behind in my blogging.

So here are some shots of the work as I go along. Some of the terrain I already have and some I am building.

I also have some shots of the warbands I have been working on. Frankly I'm starting to think building 2 tables and painting the 8 warbands was a little too much. It will get done, but I will be exhausted going into the convention and my wife started in an annoyed state that will be moving to pissed off.

The table will be 4x6 feet. I have 3 sections of 2'x4' pink insulation foam.

I wanted to give the ground some texture. I wanted to break up what I call the golf course like battle table. This is a piece of coral that was in my garden. I roll it around pressing down into the foam.

The irregular patter of the coral makes great indentations in the foam. I use a glove as it will dig into my hand as well.

It's hard to see the texture in a photo. I think this shot does a decent job of showing the texture.

Now this was attempt number 1 of painting the board. Looked like crap, then I tried dry brushing white on top, but it was still too blotchy. I'm on attempt number 3 of the board, but forgot to take a picture.

Here is a building I'm putting together. The front piece is a GW terrain set from there new Age of Sigmar line. I've added other elements to flesh out a more complete ruins, like the Reaper arch in the back of the building. Balsa wood timbers and Pegasus Hobbies bricks.

This is a Pegasus Hobbies Gothic Building set. I used foam core to make a floor and added rubble along the edges. I need to add more.

This is my Trollkin warband, Lead by a Witch, this a tribe of Trollkins(troll/human mixed race) from my D&D world. I took inspiration for the matriarchal warband from The 13th Warrior. Witch on the left, Apprentice on the right.

Here are the Trollkin Warriors. For Frostgrave we have a Man-at-Arms, 2 Thugs and a Treasure Hunter(left to right). 3rd from the left was an archer, but I need another Thug, so I cut off the bow and added a sword from my bits box.

2 Trollkin Archers

And here's the Witch with her "Animal Companion". I figured a large full blooded troll would be thematic, but on the table it will just be a Bear.

Here's the whole gang together.

That's all for now. I hope to have more pics up Friday or Saturday.



  1. Wally,

    The Trollkin are Heroscape Gruts. And the Witch and Apprentice are D&D Plastics, Hags.


  2. That warband works really well together. Great work.

  3. These look absolutely great. What's the name and maker of the troll miniature? Thanks!

  4. Andy thanks, That is a Dreamblade miniature