Friday, October 23, 2015

Next Warband for Frostgrave

I finished the 2nd warband for my Fall In Frostgrave game. It's the Necromancer warband with skellies. Now these skellies are old old Games Workshop figures, from 1985! Doing the math that makes them 30 years old. Oh lord, have I been doing this that long....

Setting aside laments for getting older, here are the pics:

Next up is my Trollkin Warband, should be done tonight. The wife is doing girls night out, so I'll be left alone to paint and not watch some stupid TV show.\



  1. One advantage of being of a certain age is that you have great old minis in your collection that you only paid a few cents/pence for back in the 80's. That and being able to rail about the rubbish on TV :-) Great looking warband BTW...looking forward to the trollkin.

  2. those are some of my favorite skeleton sculpts.