Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Frostgrave, 8 Player convention game, The Good Guys

Last Weekend was the wargame convention Fall In, in Lancaster PA. I ran an 8 player Frostgrave game. It was chaotic but fun. I was previously blogging about putting the table together and building the terrain, but I fell way behind in my schedule so blogging was set aside. I was so far behind that I was painting sections of the table, the morning we were leaving.

With the chaos of the convention behind me, I can post some pics of the build up and the game.

My game consisted of 8 Warbands broken up into 2 sides. The Good Guys and The Bad Guys. Then each Team had individual goals for the game as well as Treasure collecting.

Here are the Good guys:

My Enchanter Warband. The main color is a light blue, but the photo washes it out. Soldiers are official Frostgrave figs. Wizard and Apprentice are Reaper as is the Construct.

This is my Druidic/Norse Warband. Wizard(left) and Apprentice are Footsore Miniatures. Bear companion is a D&D Plastic fig. Infantry, Barbarian and Archer are all old old GW figs. Thugs are Gripping Beast Plastic Vikings

I used Fireforge Teutonic Foot for my Cleric Warband. This warband is themed as a D&D Cleric. I did custom spells to mimic AD&D 1st ed Cleric spells.    

Cleric center, Acolyte(Apprentice) Left and Brother Knight right. All Fireforge.

These are the spells I used for the custom class Cleric. I might tweak them a little for future games, but I think the base spells work. Some of them are renamed Frostgrave spells, some are new.

 Last up for  the good guys is the blaster or Elementalist. The Wizard(left) and the Apprentice are Reaper, all the soldiers are Frostgrave and the dog is Warlord Games.

Here are most of the treasures I put on the table. The custom ones were all made by my good friend Lou. He is an amazing scratch builder. Others are Ral Partha Wizard Lab pieces, Hirst Arts Accessory molds, Reaper Bones pieces, GW bits from my Empire army, GW LOTR Balin's Tomb and one Otherworld Mini's piece.

The wounded figure is a D&D Plastics piece, That was a special mission piece to Rescue a Friend. Some of the custome pieces are The Holy Hand Grenade, The Ark of the Covenant, Excalibur, and a Shrubbery.

Other custom pieces are supply caches and a sacrificial Alter with recent victim.

3 more special mission pieces can be seen here. The Time Orb for the Chronomancer mission. The magical Cauldron for the Troll Witch mission and the Golden Demon Idol that was for the Summoner Mission.

Next up will be the Evil Warbands then I'll have pics of the game.


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  1. Great warbands and treasure pieces (love the shrubbery)....I really must get into this Frostgrave lark asap.