Thursday, October 2, 2014

Uruk-Hai, Ogres and Saxon's

I have been on a painting tear lately. In the last week I got 3 different genre's done. Plus I upgraded my photography set up and had a nice photo shoot. Lets go right to the pics.

My Uruk-Hai Battering Ram. I added 2 guys to this model. This is a project that has sat about 95% completed on my table for about 8 months. I finally put the finishing touches on it.

 Since I added the new Rohan back drop to my photo stage, I dragged out some other figures to set up a little scene. The other Uruk-Hai and Rohirrim were already painted

My friends pointed out that the battering ram might be a little over kill. But look at that door, its got metal studs and stuff. It's tough I'm telling ya.

This is my favorite Warhammer Ogre. The Jes Goodwin Ogres are the best. He has sat unpainted in my basement for about 15 years. Back in the day my Empire Army always went to war with a unit of these guys.

I will have to dig out my other ogres and play some Oldhammer.

I think these are Gripping Beast. They were given to me. So I painted them up and they will be my Saxon Hearthguard.

I hate doing shields. I'm terrible at it.

These are Gripping Beast Monks. Very quick to paint up. What are they doing in Rohan?

Hmm, need to figure out how to manually set the White Balance on my phone camera. Depending where you aim the picture it changes the color saturation.

Seems the Saxon Hearthguard don't like Monks.

Painting will have to take a back seat for awhile. The convention Fall In is coming up, and we are going to be running The Battle of Marengo. We are building a table like we did for Stones River. It's a long process. I will be posting pics of the building process once we make some headway.