Thursday, October 16, 2014

Building Marengo Battlefield, Part 1

We are going to put on the Battle of Marengo at Fall In 2014. We will be using my friends Napoleonic rules, "Eagles at War"(working title). Since their is no adult supervision for us gamers we are going all out with a custom built board like we did for Stones River. This is part one of my documenting our build. Hope you enjoy the ride.

Home Depot supplies us with 5 large sheets of foam insulation. We have to cut them in the parking lot to fit into my car.

We lay out the boards and test the joins to get best fit. The boards are numbered so we can keep the same layout. Also we use sharpie to mark across the board joints so they can be lined up exactly after they are taking apart or moved. 

We locate as many maps as we can of Marengo. Then we use them to draw our map of what we are going to represent on the table. None of this would be possible without reading glasses.

With our map complete. We layout major terrain features with glass beads that I normally use as game markers. The reason I like the beads as opposed to drawing it in, we can layout terrain features and adjust them just be sliding the beads around. Once we are happy with the position of terrain, we use a sharpie to draw in the features,

Roads, rivers, streams, hills and towns are now marked on the board and we can begin cutting foam.

Hills are cut. Now Marengo is a very flat battle field from what I've read. But there are a few elevation changes, as the ground undulates across the fields. This is what we are trying to represent. These will be gentle rises.

Making a mess in my basement. Carving out the Bormida River. Using a Stanley Sureform to dig it out. Later we will use sandpaper to smooth out the rough cut. 

I made a little guide to get a uniform depth on the river. When we did Stones River, the bottom was very uneven and it caused issues when we poured the Realistic Water.

The river is cut, we have some small streams to dig out as well.

The hills have to be smoothed down alot. We use the Sureform to remove most of the foam. This is the rough cut of the hill. We also have to get some small trees together as all our other trees are for a bigger scale.

That's it for now. I will have another update in a few days. Thanks for reading, Xin.

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