Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mounted Saxon Hearthguard

I know most likely Viking era Saxon's didn't fight on horseback, but for the Saga game, I can mount some of my Hearthguard. At Historicon I picked up a box of Conquest's Norman Knights. They come with both a kite shield and a round shield, so they can proxy in for mounted Saxon's. In between flocking the Marengo battlefield, I've manged to get a few figures painted. Mainly while waiting for things to dry.

Here is my first 4 mounted Hearthguard. This should give my Viking opponent some trouble. Dang it, I should have painted up a mounted Warlord as well.

 The bases are the "grab a box and fill bases" from Gale Force Nine, that they bring to the conventions. I used a grinder to give the base a beveled edge.

Just checking the Saga Northern Fury rules and I can mount ALL my Hearthguard! More to come!


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