Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Building Eylau Battlefield Part 5 and Final Setup

The convention is over, the games have been run and we are back home. It was a good time had by all. Despite our horrific time management skills, we got the table completed.

For the sake of completeness, I have the final build steps and pictures of the completed project for this last post.

I do not have pics during the game as I was running my Frostgrave game at the same time, but maybe someone else will post them.

As I've recounted earlier, Tuesday before the convention was supposed to be a full day of building Eylau and Frostgrave. The weather had other plans. We were hit with the worst storm of the winter, and lost power about 11am. Didn't get it back till sometime after 3pm. I spent about 45 minutes trying to get the generator going to no avail.

So I had to work in the dark, and I did.

  Working with a headlamp I did some finishing touches on Eylau, and painted some figures I needed for Frostgrave.

All the streams and lakes were poured 2 part resin. This takes 24 hours to dry. The plan was early pour on Tuesday, and not touch the board till Wednesday. The power outage pushed the pour back by 5 hours. So in effect it pushed the snow flocking back by 5 hours on Wednesday.

 All the streams that go off the board need to be dammed. I used plastic card and low temp hot gluel.

Ready for pour.

We use Enviro Tex Lite Pour-On High Gloss. When it cures it is rock hard.

Using model railroad ballast and hot glue to make stone wall for the Eylau graveyard. Building it on waxpaper first, then the whole thing just lifts off and can be glued down to the board.

We started Flocking about 6:30PM. As I mentioned earlier in another quick update post, we ran out of snow flock.

My wife volunteered to drive the 55 minutes to Maplewood Hobbies in Maplewood NJ to get the one bottle they had. Funny Story, I had called to see if they had stock and asked the bottle to be held and my wife would pick it up. When she gets there the guy running the store asked what her husband was building, and she told him a big battle table for a convention. Well he asks if I was Xintao, cause he had been following my blog. LOL.  

Eylau, needs more snow!

Done, ready for transport.

Here we are setting up in the Lancaster Host Resort. Troops just starting to hit the table.

All the troops set up.

Here's the "aerial shot" from the staircase next to our game.

We won 2 PELA's, for Friday night. Both Eylau and Frostgrave. Then on Saturday night we won Best in Show. Thank you HMGS.

Thanks to all of you who stopped by and admired our work. Thanks to all the kind comments online. Thanks to the wives for not filing for divorce.

I hope you enjoyed the journey of our insanity we call Wargaming.

Now we have 2 weeks to decide how to top this for Historicon.


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