Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Frost Giants for Frostgrave, Part 2

Back in February I bought off eBay some 54mm Russian Vikings. I blogged about it, part 1 is here. Well I finally finished them. I am very happy with the way they came out. Much better than I thought they would. I might have to get some more of the line of figures as make some cool models.

I only made modifications to one figure. I clipped off the Bow and put in a spear. Other than that, they were just fine as they were. Here they are finished.

Now with my luck, I'll be the one they attack in our next game of Frostgrave.


I just noticed how washed out the colors are. The skin is grey in the pictures when it should be blue.
Here is a color corrected picture that is more like the actual paint job.


  1. Great work. I couldn't resist putting up my effort on TMP which was inspired by yours. I doubt I can get mine looking so good :-)

  2. Thanks. Your mods are better than mine.