Thursday, February 18, 2016

Frost Giants for Frostgrave, Part 1

For a while now I've wanted some Frost Giants, but was never happy with the look of what was available. I saw a TMP member, Sgt Slag, post about using 54mm figures as giants. I thought that was a good idea so I hunted around ebay till I found some I liked.

I found these Russian figures and ordered them. 3 weeks later they are on my painting table. I think they are supposed to be generic Barbarians. Whatever, they work for me.

With a FrostGrave Soldier

 With a Fireforge Templar

With a Reaper Mage

With a GW 90's Acolyte

5 Figures in the box, all different poses.

Getting them based on 40mm round bases. I thought 40mm was a touch to small, but 50 was too big, so I went with 40.

I'm trying a new technique, using tree bark as rocks. Soon they will be primed and ready for painting.



  1. I've got some of these and they are very 'Frazetta' Some of Tehnologs other figures are excellent too for 54mm gaming, and postage from Russia is reasonable. I look forward to seeing yours painted.

  2. These guys are really cool. I have been resisting Frostgrave because it felt like a watered down version of Mordheim.
    After seeing these models I am very tempted to give the game a go. The customizable warband is one of my favorite gaming concepts.