Thursday, November 12, 2015

Frostgrave 8 Player Battle Report

Here are pics of the game I ran at Fall In. I did 2 sessions. The first game I had 4 players and the 2nd had 8 players. I broke the players into 2 teams for each game. A good side and an evil side. That way the game would move faster if half the players were moving at the same time.

I made some minor rules changes to handle a large convention game. Every building had treasure in it. All treasure on the lowest level was worth one point. The treasure in the castle ruins and the raised area at the other end are worth 3 points. Also each Wizard had an individual mission that was worth 10 points.

 Here is the table set up before the game.

Castle Ruins on the left, then a Cathedral, Graveyard and Dragon Temple on the other.

Taking pics from each corner.

Dragon Temple, Cathedral and Graveyard

 Castle Ruins

The Bad Guys

The Good Guys

 Rear shot of the Temple area

 I got this guy for Best Table in my Time Slot. I was shocked.

 Fighting in the Castle

Troops on the Bridge. The White piece of paper is where the Chronomancer cast Crumble and dropped an enemy Apprentice to the lower level.

Evil has seized the Bridge.

The construct and Enchanters Soldiers beating on The Chronomancers soldiers

With everyone scattered all over the board it is hard to paint a narrative of the battle. I'll just sum it up. Session 1(4 player) Good won by collecting the most treasures. Session 2(8 player) Good won by getting the most treasures and completing personal missions. The last mission by the Enchanter pushed them over the top. I will point out, Good paid a price for victory. Evil managed to kill 3 Wizards!

None of the players had played the game before. A few players had read through the rules. After the battle, I know  a few players were diving in and buying the rules. It was a fun game with a great group of players.

I will most likely re-run this game at Cold Wars. That will give me time to build a better table. There were aspects of the table that were rushed or unfinished. I have plans...



  1. That's a fantastic looking set up - well worth the award. Bravo!

  2. I was one of the players on the "Good" side for the second 8-player game. The table was amazing and the game was really fun.

    Can't wait to see it again at Cold Wars!