Thursday, March 22, 2018

Old World Army Challenge, January submission

Here is the 2nd installment for the OWAC, submitted in January. My first entry, for November is here. The December entry was missed. It was my "mulligan".

The OWAC started on a Facebook group to motivate members to paint oldhammer lead lying around for 20+years. You have to paint 1000 points, 200 pts a month for 6 months, and a one month miss(mulligan).

For January I picked Dragon Ogres. I really love these models.

 These I picked up off ebay about 6 months ago.

First step was to rebase them. I didn't like such big models on square bases. I ordered 40x60 bases from Games Workshop. It better fits the model and looks better, while maintaining the same frontage.

Painting in progress

 All finished.

Here are my 2 completed entries so far. 2 heroes and the Dragon Ogres.

Next will be Harpies, Xin

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