Friday, March 18, 2016

Building a Frostgrave Table for Cold Wars, Part 4 and final

It's Thursday night and I'm at Cold Wars! The last 48 hours has been crazy. I took off Tuesday and Wednesday to finish my table and I was still painting at 7am this morning. Only got about 3 hours sleep.

In my haste to get everything done, taking pictures fell by the wayside. So I'll post what I got. Unfortunately I wanted to get some shots of everything laid out, but that will have to wait until tomorrow for the game.

So here we go.

 I was just gonna build a simple ramp to the castle, but mission creep is a powerful force.

At 3am I thought adding chains to the ramp was a good idea. Clearly not thinking things through.

 Wizards tower gets a dry brush. Starting paint on the castle and finishing the corner pieces.

 I like the way it's coming out.

Corner piece for my Astrologarioum

 Ramp and Steps for the elevated pieces

 Getting an idea what it will all look like.

 Wish I had time to lay out the other buildings

The Astrologarium 90% done.

That's it for now, Next stop, my game Saturday night.



  1. Well impressive, and I admire your dedication. BTW, your workshop is bigger than my house!

  2. It looks ok I guess ;)

    No, seriously, that's excellent. Can't wait to see it with everything on. I'm sure it will look very, very impressive.