Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Alien egg pods

A few months ago at NJCON, I picked up some "not" Alien Facehugger eggs. I got them from Windsword Accessories. I really like Windsword's line of accessories and terrain. I also have some of their dungeon floor tiles. As with most wargame purchases, they go in the VERY long queue to be painted, unless something triggers a line jump.

Last week my buddy was coming over for a game of Rogue Trader 40K (going old school). So I whipped up an alien infestation scenario with a Rogue Trader crew investigating an out of touch mining colony. This was the inspiration I needed to get them painted. I am much more productive with a painting deadline.

So here they are. Nothing fancy just get them painted and onto the table. The base color is a green-gray, then the interior is a light sickly green then wash the whole thing with green wash. Both GW paints, I forgot which off the top of my head. Then I covered the eggs and roots(?) with GW 'ard coat varnish for a wet sticky look. I should have bought a 2nd pack, they are only 4 dollars. I will correct that mistake at Fall In.

GW Termies added for scale. I really need to finish painting these guys.

GW Termies and Prince Imrahil added for scale.

I highly recommend these if you need to dress up your fantasy or sci-fi gaming boards.


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