Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Village of Hommlet and Dwarven Forge

Back in the early 80's one of the iconic D&D modules was The Village of Hommlet. We played through this module at least half a dozen times. Sometimes helping the town, sometimes pillaging it to the last copper piece. It was a lot of fun.

With Dwarven Forge Cavern Kickstarter going on. I got motivated to get painting the first KS game tiles I got back in November. And then that led to thinking about playing D&D which I really haven't done since the 90's. I started playing with the tiles to see what kind of dungeons I could make. Then I remembered Hommlet. It's a small dungeon, I might have enough pieces to do it. So using the online Dungeon Tile mapping tool I got the upper floor of the Moathouse done.

Later once everything is painted I will have to take an inventory of what I have and see how close I am.

Here's the link to the Mapbuilder page where I made it:
Moathouse Mapmaker

Later, Xin

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  1. Last year I ran the Village of Hommlet and a cut-down version of the Temple of Elemental Evil within my own campaign world for my gaming group. I would be very interested in seeing how this all turns out for you and your group.