Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dwarven Forge Kickstarter Past and Present

 As I mentioned on March 12th, The Dwarven Forge Cavern Tile KickStarter has been launched. It was funded in 10 minutes, which was incredible since they were asking for double the amount of money they asked last time.

So as I follow the KS Campaign, and watch the amount go up and free stretch goals get added, I was inspired to dig out my Game Tiles from the first KS. Everything on my painting table has been pushed aside as I start to paint the Game Tiles.

Unpainted out of the box.

I spent at least a week trying different painting schemes. Primed and unprimed. Washed and unwashed. They are supposed to be paintable right out of the box. I think I've finally landed on my process, 99% there. And you need a process, I have 250+ pieces to paint. I also want to start modding some tiles. Make Custom tiles for things that will add to a dungeon.

 2 Coats of paint, waiting on dry brush step. DOH, forgot to take picture after drybrush and highlight.

One thing I learned from the 1st KS, and will apply to the 2nd KS, no matter how much you think you can get away with, you will need more. I got 3 sets last time, and I see I want at least 1 or 2 more. You can still get the sets from Dwarven Forge, you just don't get the stretch goals. And that really adds up and drives the price per piece down.

Right now I'm in for2 sets of the Cavern Tiles. I will up that to at least 3, maybe 4 with room for 1 or 2 addon packs.

So my advice to you if you jump on this KS, buy as much as you can afford. You won't regret it. Cause no matter how much you buy, you will want more. I will document a step by step process for my tiles in a future post.


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