Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fall In Battle Report, The Westfold is Burning, Part 1

Here is a battle report of the second game I ran at the wargame convention,  Fall In 2013. The first was Fords of Isen. That Battle report can be found here.

Here's the setup: The Uruk-Hai are raiding across Western Rohan after taking the Fords of Isen. King Théoden has ordered all the villages evacuated and everyone to retreat to Helm's Deep. So the Uruk-hai take notice when one village, nestled in the shadow of Fanghorn Forest, is being defended. They are not sure why it's being defended, but they wanted to burn it down anyway, so they surround it and attack. Before being surrounded messengers escape from the village. Presumably to summon help.

 The village while the defenders are being deployed

Same shot, different angle.

 Rohan Guard Tower with Archers

 Village center, well made by Architechs of War.

My scratch built Rohan Great House.

 Uruk-hai and Wargs surround the village, oh and one troll

 Rohirrim you better hurry and set up.

Start fighting already.

 The village has too much wall to cover for the amount of defenders so they choose to make a few strong points. The pig pen on one side. I guess the chickens don't rate defending.

And the cows on the other side. Other than 4 archers in the tower, the village is wide open. It was a tough decision.

 One group of Wargs goes straight for the undefended barricade. The other skirts along the wall.

The fighting Uruk-Hai go straight in. One group of scouts with bows trys to kill the archers in the towers, no luck.

 On Rohan's turn, 2 Ent's come out of the tree line. They don't care about the Rohan Village, they are here to step on Uruk-hai. I had the Ent's in the tree line and didn't tell the Evil players, but they were too clever, and saw them anyway.

The Uruk player closest to the Ents decides not to mess with them and races for the wall defended by the Rohirrim. The other Uruk player is racing underneath the tower. The tower archers take a toll for passing by.

The Wargs attempt to cross the barricade, and the other group is moving along the village wall to pass the Warriors in the Pig Pen.

 A large body of Riders take the field. Led by Théoden, Éomer, and Erkenbrand. This is a pretty important village after all.

 The Uruk's slam into the Warriors defending the wall. This fight will go on for awhile. The Uruk's are better fighters, but the wall keeps casualties low.

 The Ent's close on the Uruks, and the Troll and 2 Berserkers head for the Ents.

 The Pig Redoubt is well protected, so the Wargs run right past for some unguarded fence. They are not dummies.

The Riders move as fast as they can but will not prevent the Wargs or Uruks from getting into the village.

This will later come back to haunt the Rohirrim as they have to assault their own village, to protect what's inside.

Part Two is here


  1. Great looking game! Can't wait for part 2!

  2. What a beautiful table! Fabulous battlefield and figures...

  3. amazing looking table! the village looks so good, I counted all the houses and how many people there should be, it was about 30.