Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fall In Battle Report, Fords of Isen

Last weekend was the wargame convention Fall In, where I ran 2 games of LOTR:SBG. Here's the first battle report of that game.

The Setup based on the story from Unfinished Tales by Christopher Tolkien. The King's son, Théodred was not fooled by Saruman's treachery and was guarding the Fords of Isen against attack from Isengard. Théodred learned of the pending attack and struck first. Leading the Rohirrim across the Fords, he attacked Saruman's forces. Initially successfully, he was eventrually thrown back after striking the main body of Uruk-hai. His companion Grimbold fights a rear guard action while Théodred makes an escape.  He retreated to the Fords, only to find Uruk-hai on the other side of the River Isen trapping him. between 2 forces. He seizes a small Island in the middle of the Fords to make a defensive stand. This is where we start the action.

Théodred trapped on the islet. Grimbold and the rearguard racing for the ford chased by Wargs. Uruk-hai on the West bank, Wargs and Dunlendings on the East bank. Elfhelm bringing reinforcements from the top of the table.

Close up of Théodred position on the island, protected by 18 Warriors and 6 Royal Guards.

 Grimbold and Royal Guard race for the ford. Sharku and Wargs not far behind.

 Wargs and Dunlending Warriors assault from the east.

 Elfhelm's followed the Wargs to the battle now they are needed to save Théodred.

The Uruk-Hai split into 3 groups. One turns to cut off Grimbold, one assaults the island and the 3rd group of archers moves around for better shots.

 The Rohirrim didn't wait for the Wargs to attack, they charged into the water. One slips past. Some Dunlendings turn towards Elfhelm.

 Rough going for Grimbold. He gets in trouble very early and never recovers. Wargs will be attacking the rear of the column in a turn or 2.

 Good fight in the water. Going back and forth.

 The Hammer arrives

 Uruk-Hai swarming around Grim and his men.

Elfhelm(using Erkenbrand model and stats) enters the fray.

 Uruk-Hai scouts move to the southern tip of the islet. Assaults on Théodred's hill has been ongoing for the entire battle. The Royal Bodyguard has made several sorties from the hill to help the warriors when they were in trouble, but always moving back up the hill to stay near Théodred.

 The Dunlendings are having a rough day, but holding on.

 Grimbold's command is gone. And those Uruk-hai are heading back towards the Ford.

 Most of the Dunlendings are gone and now the fight has moved to the Island.

Théodred is hard pressed. 2nd to the last turn, The Rohan side broke(50% Casualties), but this had almost no effect. All the cavalry were bodyguard and 6 of the foot were bodyguard, and are immune to breaking. All the normal Warriors were dead. So again, no effect.

On the last turn, the Uruk-hai broke. We didn't go thru the rolls, but they were about to lose easy, 40-50% more of the remaining models. This was a narrow Rohan victory. The Rohirrim were slaughtered, but Théodred was alive and they held the Ford.

It was a fun but complicated battle with all the forces scattered around the board. It was equal in points, but unbalanced in sections. Honestly at first I thought the Uruk-hai side was going to run away with this battle. In the first 3 or 4 rounds, the death toll was about 4 to 1 in favor of Isengard. Once Elfhelm got into the fight and the Royal Guard came down off the hill, it started to even out. It could have gone either way. I think everyone had a good time. Next my other battle, The Westfold is Burning.



  1. I enjoyed the Batrep look forward to the next one.

  2. Theodred lives! I like the wooden horse poles, very thematic.

  3. I'm impressed. You're truly well informed and very intelligent. You wrote something that people could understand and made the subject intriguing for everyone. I'm saving this for future use.