Monday, March 4, 2019

Fixing up Rivoli

My friends Alan and Bob are running a Napoleonic game at Cold Wars 2019. I will be running Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago. The Nap game will be The Battle of Rivoli. We ran this game before at Fall In 2015.

We pulled the board out of storage.

It's in pretty good shape

 Some fields have bare spots where the flock wore off.

The biggest issue is mold on some of the hedgerows

 We used Lichen for the river bank and some parts of the hedgerows. That all has to be removed.

 With paint, glue and time, the soft lichen is harder than rock. We had to chip it off.

 In some spots we used a dremel.

 Not bad looking after clean up

 At some point we decided to redo ALL the hedgerows. During the removal process huge divots were dug into the boards. We filled them with spackle, then painted them our base brown color.

 We had to touch up a lot of spots.

 What was a simple clean up has become a major project, more supplies needed.

 Damage was done to the roads too, so then need fixing. I need small "Men at Work" signs

 Re-flocking the fields

 Hmmm lots more fields to fix.

 Starting to come together.

Don't have the pics, but most of the fields are fixed. Next we put all the buildings on. And last step is all the hedgerows.

A week out and I've been in much worse shape on previous builds. We got this.


Part 2


  1. That’s a great looking board. I’ve never heard of mold growing on terrain boards. How disturbing!
    Great repair work you’re doing. 😀

  2. Oh my goodness it looks amazing.

  3. For greater historical realism, get the Austrians to write out their plan of attack in advance - and then give it to the French. That's how it was done.