Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Old World Army Challenge, March

Trying to catch up on posts I meant to make months ago...sigh.

Anyway, here is March's entry to the OWAC.

I finally finished my Chaos Warriors. These guys I started back in December, but had to take my mulligan that month. Then I did my Jan and February submissions I went with Dragon Ogres and Harpies. The OWAC is almost over and so time to get back to these guys.

I held off on them for so long as I was not sure how I wanted to paint them. While I love the look of GW's painted figures from back in the early day, bright, bold and garish, that is not my style. So I wanted a little more subdued paint scheme. In the end I did not get some new inspiration, but painted them to match the Chaos Knights I had already painted. Here we go.

10 Old GW Chaos Warriors

 These guys are big, I had to play a lot of mix and match to get them to fit together base to base in formation.

I didn't paint any specific command figures. These guys are pretty bad ass all on their own. Though I think I see at least one, maybe two champions in there. I can run them as one unit or two.

 Chaos Warriors with Air Support.

Putting the CW's next to the Dragon Ogres really shows how big the DOs are.

Group Shot.

As I'm behind I should have time to get April's figures up soon. A unit of Chaos Knights up soon.


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