Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Dire Wolves for Vampire Counts

The next unit in my Vampire Counts Army is Dire Wolves. I don't have any official figures, in fact I really don't like the current version that GW is selling. 

I love the older version, but they are a little hard to find.

 I rummaged around the basement and found some BattleMaster Wolves. The goblin riders long gone these would do just fine.

I used milliput to cover up the saddle. I am a sculpting noob and can only handle the most rudimentary jobs.

 A mix of Medium Gel, sand and rocks for base texture.

 I usually get the bases painted before going on to the figures. I leave flock as the very last step.

 Very quick and easy to paint. Black, grey, bone, red and red. Just 5 colors.

 Add the flock and they are ready for their photo shoot.

The only draw back with these figures is the mono pose. But for virtually free, I can't complain. 

Next up another Skeleton Unit. Zombie unit on deck and Bat Swarm proxy figures on order from ebay.


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