Monday, January 2, 2017

Last painted miniatures of 2016

I finished these on New Years Eve before we went out. Gnolls from Northstar Figures. I got them with the Nickstarter Deal for Frostgrave. Nickstarter is a pre-order program run by Nick Eyre of Northstar.

I'm actually one Nickstarter behind in my painting. I've got the Barbarians which are brilliant. I'll paint those soon. 

Back to the Gnolls. You get 20 in a box, with lots of options from the sprues. In the box are 4 sprues with 5 Gnolls per sprue. Some of the options you can arm your Gnolls with, 2-handed weapon, Xbow, bow, sword, axe, dagger, and spear. 

I made mine up with Frostgrave in mind, so armed as soldiers I would pick from Frostgrave. 
I also converted 2 too be a Wizard and Apprentice so I can have an all Gnoll Warband.

Ok on with the pictures.

 Wizard and Apprentice. Wizard Staff and Orb from Reaper. I converted a spear for the Apprentice to match the Wizard. Apprentice wearing a backpack from the Frostgrave Soldier box, with green stuff straps.

 My 2 handed choppers. This will cover Infantryman, Templar, Barbarian

 My shield bearers. Good for Gnoll-at-arms and Knight.

 Dual wielding Gnolls. I would use them for my Treasure Hunters. Or Thief.

 These guys just have a single weapon. You need thugs to carry all that treasure.

And lastly my missile support. These can be Archers, Trackers, or Rangers.

I missed some troop types, but you can make them if you want to with what's in the box. I also have some Wardogs on the way and a few other things.

Here's the whole gang laid out for some action.

After painting these guys up, I ordered a 2nd box. I will expand this Warband into a Dragon Rampant sized force. The 2nd box will round out unit sizes. So 2 more archers for a total of 6. Three more 2 handed guys for 6, and so on. I am pretty sure I will need a 3rd box, but trying to control myself. You know, the unpainted pile has to be kept under control.

More too come in 2017. Cheers, and Happy New Year!


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