Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Painting Spree, Reaper and Otherworld

My painting seems to come in waves. I'll have figures on the table, languishing for months and some new figure comes in and sparks an interest and I'm off to the races. then the painted figures come off the table in batches, but the important thing is they come off the table.

Another thing I've noticed is it's easier to add figures to the painting table than complete them. Then my table gets full and I can't do anything.  Every few months I just have to remove half painted figures to have some working room.

Here's the latest batch of figures

This is the Otherworld Demon Idol. Copied from the cover of The AD&D Players Handbook. I've had it since day it came out, but never got around to painting it.

I made the Candles out of green stuff and plastic card.

I tried my first lighting effect paint job.

The idol is sitting on Dwarven Forge Dungeon tiles. Love this stuff

Next up, 2 Reaper Bones Giant Rats. Man are these things big.

Not the size of dog, but the size of horse. "Were gonna need a bigger boat"

Here are Reaper Bones Giant Beetles.

Very easy to paint, mounted on 1.25 inch washers, with a Medium Gel textured base.

I think I need more, 4 doesn't get that Swarm effect

 This last guy is the Reaper Bones Toad Demon. I really like this guy

I did some very subtle shading and highlighting that is lost in the photography.

He's a big boy too.

The rocks are sea glass that I bought at a craft store. For just a few bucks, you could all sorts of shapes and sizes.

I love the menacing look on his face.

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