Thursday, January 8, 2015

Big update, Reaper, Otherworld and GW

I've been on a painting tear lately. I'm painting as much as I can. So here is the latest offerings. Some just finished and some finished back in Dec but never got around to posting.

First up is a GW or Marauder Ogre from 1989.  I've used him many times back when the Empire could have Ogre Units. I never was found of the wife beater tee-shirt, so it's been on my painting table for a repaint for the last 5 years. I finally asked my Friend Lou, if he could sculpt on some armor. As you can see below, he did a fantastic job. I also cut off the sword and used a weapon from a Ral Partha Giant.

Next up we have a Reaper Bones Figure, Labella DeMornay, Banshee. It's a great sculpt. The best part is I didn't have to paint it, I just did a light green wash. I mounted it on a 40mm GW base. On the base I added some skeleton bits I had left over from a GW skellie box. I added some static grass, some grass tufts, and flowerd tufts.

Here is another translucent Reaper Bones figure, Ghostly Summons. Another great sculpt of rising spirits. Again I did a light green wash, but this time I added a light white dry brush on the "smokey" parts of the sculpt. Again mounted on a 40mm gw base, The figure has an integral base, which looks like a summoning circle. So I attempted to paint the runes a glowing blue. Not sure how well it comes out in pictures though.

Here is the 2nd of the Otherworld Trolls. I painted the first one up back in June(Link). I picked up the 2nd one off ebay for good price. I forgot the method and paints I used the first time so it took some experimenting to get it to match the first one. Mounted on a GW 40mm base, with some decorative elements.

And last up we go back to Reaper Bones, Vermin Spiders. I've been painting with a dungeon crawl in mind, but I picked up pack of scenic elements from Windsword Accessories with this cool tree stump and log so I wanted to use it for a base. Mounted on 1 inch Fender Washers.

The Windsword tree stump is on the right. The dead tree on the left is a real branch. The large stones are bits of sea glass.

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