Monday, December 8, 2014

Dwarven Forge Inventory

I finally got around to opening all  my Dwarven Forge Cavern Tiles. It was a busy fall. Building Marengo, visiting colleges for my twin daughters, Hosting Thanksgiving. And through it all, I was still expected me to show up at work! Well the dust finally settled and I got some free time to play with the DF tiles. Wow, more awesome than I thought. 

First thing was to take inventory. So I laid out every set and matched the count on the box. 

All the tiles with Stretch goals. This is $355 worth of tiles. I thought I had spent a lot. But I was below Average. The average per backer works out to $541. All pieces present, 100 percent accuracy. 

This is one set of Cavern Tiles. I really regret not going in for 5 sets at least. I will be buying more sets as finances allow.

This is one set of Stretch Goals. You got a set of SG per set of Cavern Tiles. These are the Freebies. 
The stretch goals really drive the price per piece down and make this such a good deal.

 This is one set of the Water Tile Add-on pack. I will buy more of this when they are for sale.

 This is 2 Add-on packs. The top row is the Dungeon Passage Pack with 2 sided, 2 square wide tiles.
The rest is the Narrow Dungeon Passage Pack. Both useful sets, but not as critical to have tons.

This is the Narrow Passage Pack. This is a must. With narrow passage pieces and the angle pieces really allow you to make twisting cavern passages and rooms not squared up. Looks more natural the more you get away from squared off passages and rooms. I could use at least one more of this.

Sample setup I threw together. Used almost every piece. Zombie like voice "must acquire more"

Now add in adventurers and bad guys.

The Kobolds try to off the large party.

Pressed from both sides the Kobold Shaman summons a fireball!

This stuff is like Lego's for Table Top gamers. I really need more. 

Dwarven Forge should be the poster child for how to run and execute a Kickstarter. I wouldn't say flawless, but damn well near. My order was perfect. I know some people are saying they didn't get this or that, but DF is quick to fix the situation and the percentage of mistakes given the size of the KS campaign is remarkable low. 

I know there are some real horror stories out their in Kickstarter land, but I wouldn't blink an eye supporting DF for a 3rd time. Can't wait for KS3!

Now to paint them all....


  1. Looks really cool stuff... if I was still into RPGing I'd have bought a boat load...

  2. This looks great!! How many and which cavern set pieces are in this one (excluded the dungeon pieces)? It looks bigger than just the one base cavern set plus 1 stretch goal and plus one narrow cavern passage set.

    1. Thanks. Hard to remember. I'm pretty sure it's 3 sets and Narrow Passage.

    2. Oh I also got one or two Water tile sets

    3. Thanks brother! :)