Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My first Reaper Bones- Werewolf

I missed out on the first Reaper Kickstarter. I didn't realize what a good deal it was. When the 2nd one came around, I was in from the get go.

The other day I was wondering through my local game store, Maplewood Hobby and came across a rack of Reaper Bones figures. I picked up this guy for like two bucks.

I wanted to try painting him and see what it was like. Now Reaper says you don't need to prime them, but I was skeptical, of paint coverage. Turns out we were both right. The paint does go right on, but unless you have very good paint, you will need multiple coats. The white just shows right through. I was using Americana Craft Paints.

After my first attempt I primed him with Army Painter Black. After that, it was just like painting a Plastic or Metal. I didn't go for anything fancy, was just a test run and I wanted to get it done.

Here's the finished product:

I mounted him on a 40mm GW base. Covered up the integral base with Gel Medium and added some rocks, static grass, and grass tufts. Very easy. I look forward to getting my Reaper Bones II