Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wolf Knights for WHFB

About 2 months ago I got back into Warhammer Fantasy Battle after about a 6 year absence. Lots of changes since then and my Empire Army is a little out of date. One of the cool new models added to the Empire line are the Demigryph Knights
While I think these are cool, I felt they are a little overpriced. So I figured I could come up with some proxies to fill in. Digging through my plastic D&D figures I found 3 suitable models. Dire Wolf from the Dungeons of Dread series. Luckily I had 3, as buying 3 of eBay would cost as much as the DK's above.
Here is what the model looks like before. Rummaging through my unpainted Empire box and found 3 knights that needed mounts and after a little exacto knife work, they fit on the back of the wolf quite nicely. And here's what I came up with, my Wolf Knights

Cheers, Xin

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  1. Well I like them. Great job. I do think they need flags or ribbons on lances. Will the unit be bigger? But very nice job. It is a pity they will be gunned down as they advance across the table. That tends to happen to the well painted figures. Did you make one with repeating crossbow bolts all over? After all they will face my dark elves I'm sure!!! Dowvoovoo