Sunday, June 10, 2007

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome one and all. This blog will be about Wargaming. I'm an avid wargamer of all periods. Is Sci-fi a period? Perhaps I should say genre. I will game almost anything, from Ancients to ACW to WWII to Modern to Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I've always said, that if 2 guys are throwing rocks at each other, I would play it.

My wargaming history started like a lot of others I would think. When I was in high school(late 70's), my brother came home for Thanksgiving from college. He brought with him a game calledDungeons and Dragons. We played one game and I was hooked. Christmas brought D&D presents and I was off down the road to TGWAG (The Greater World of Adventure Gaming)

No need to bore you with the details so I'll speed it up. Huge D&D campaigns lead to the need for a system for Armies to battle. As we explored integrating Army battles into our D&Ding, we came across a magazine called The Courier. In it we found an ad for a gaming convention called Cold Wars. I think this was 1989 or 1990. Two friends and I went out for the day on Sunday and were just blown away by what we saw. We didn't even get in on a game. But it was enough to hook us in.

My friend Matt who was a rabid Siege of Jerusalem player found some Romans for sale in the flea market. He did some elaborate bargaining and bought them.
Awful condition, painted poorly, some not painted at all, but they were awesome to us at the time. I think we also picked up WRG 7th. We moved out of RPG'ing and into Wargaming full time.

We did the WRG Tourney scene hardcore for I think 2 years. Went to tourney's up and down the East Coast, even went to Denver for the Nationals one year. After reaching my breaking point with WRG( I show up with Melee armies and just get paired up with Skirmish/shooter armies), it was time for a change. So we dabbled into ACW, Nappy, SYW, Rogue Trader and 40k, and WHFB. So that brings us up to the present.

My current areas of interest are:
Starship Troopers
Warhammer Fantasy Battle 7th
note: this means currently painting for, I will game anything anyone wants to play/paint

Ciao for Now

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    That bear is a D&D prepainted plastic "Cave bear"