Friday, March 3, 2017

Building Eylau Battlefield Part 3

Welcome to the 3rd installment of, "I'm running out of time terrain building." Honestly we started earlier on this project than we did with the others, but it seems with more time available, we waste more time.

I think once again paint will be drying in the car, on the way to the convention. We are idiots. Anyway lets crack on with the pictures.

Not very exciting is it? I mentioned before our router melted the edges of the river. It's now very hard and crusted. Difficult to slope the river bank.

 I had been struggling with sanding the edges, but a poster, HobbyDr, on TMP, suggested cutting the river outline before routing, and that made me thing about cutting away the melted sections. Huzzah!

 Hills spackled and sanded. Road network laid out. Ready for paint.

 We came up with this idea of the little flags to identify the villages because we are about to paint over the names written on the foam. We have about 10 villages on the table.

 We wanted to get a base coat down and make sure we get paint into all the nooks and crannys. The paint looks orange-ish in the picture, it is darker in real life and drys much darker.

 Ugh, I just grabbed a random color for the villages, but it is so bright I hate it. They will get repainted.

 We've started casting up our buildings. We will need around 100 of them. These buildings were sculpted by Lou, who does a lot of our troop painting. Also he is an amazing scratch builder.

 Waiting for paint to dry.

 Hmmm, hard to see, but we are laying out the order in which we are doing the rest of the major steps. A lot of moving parts to coordinate, snow flock, hedges and walls, pouring water, buildings and villages, woods, swampy ground. Some of those interfere with others. Click on the pic for a larger version.

 Did a 2nd coat on the roads, and rivers, and more filling in those nooks. The foam has a lot of small imperfections that the paint does not want to get in. So we keep finding the green foam showing through.

 Yeah, so....when you forget a hill....

We thought we had all the major features done and painted. Roads, woods, villages. rivers. We missed about 2 feet of road in the center of the board. Grrrr.

Ok thanks for looking if anyone is. More to come.


  1. Oh, man, Xintao, I feel your pain!!! It's easy to say stuff like "stick it out" and "it will come together in the end"... but I will say them anyway: stick it out and it will all come together in the end!!!

    Keep up the good work, look forward to seeing more pics as you proceed, and wish I could be there at Cold Wars to participate in your game, or at least see the finished set-up in person!

  2. Thanks Mad Guru, we are sticking it out. It's like a term paper do in the morning, really adds motivation.

  3. Brilliant stuff - very much enjoying all your work as I particularly like this period.