Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Frostgrave Table for Cold Wars.

This is not a normal "building battlefield X" post. I am building a Frostgrave table for Cold Wars. If you are a regular reader, you might have noticed my friends and I are also building a battlefield for Eylau.

Where this is different is I am using about 60-70% of the stuff I've already made from my other Frostgrave convention tables. And I am also tweaking the layout, and adding a new board section, the harbor.

I am starting off with the Harbor Section.

 Lowes had 1/2 green insulation 4x8 sheets!!! Yes Please.

 See the big busted board? Turns out, 1/2 inch is not that thick, and a 4x8 sheet is like a big sail in a windy parking lot. I even let one hand go, so the sheet would blow with the wind, still snapped.

 Since my Harbor board will the the lowest board, I need to raise my other boards.

I cut a piece of pink board and score it to make the harbor section join the rest of the boards. This is also the stone quay. Used an X-Acto knife and ball point pen to score the stone blocks.

Since this piece is the board joint to my other boards. I left some area un-scored as if snow covered and will paint it to match the rest.

Here we are playing with foam core cut up into ice chunks. The harbor will be 90-95% iced over.

 Just placing a ship in the harbor to get a feel for size. The harbor board section will feature ship(s) iced in.  This one is too big for what I have in mind. I am working on getting other ships, or will build some out of foamcore.

 Home Depot supplied me with a lovely dark blueish-green color for my harbor. You will not see much water, but some will show through the ice.

 On the right side of the harbor, will be a stone jetty or maybe fortified wall, extending out to a lighthouse. Here I am experimenting with different arrangements. Again, a lot of playing around to see what works, what looks good, what can I actually build, etc...

I got the stone drybrushed and glued down to the Harbor base. 

That's it for now, stay tuned for more updates on Frostgrave and Eylau.



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Great work ... inspired to try something similar :)

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