Monday, March 20, 2017

Frostgrave Table for Cold Wars 6

The convention is done, but for completeness sake, here's the last of the build pics.

 This will be the dock in the harbor. Basswood and Dowels mounted on foamcore.

Popsicle sticks for decking. I used a grinder to quickly "age" the wood.

 First ship rigging and dock complete. About 24 hours before departure.

About 4 hours later, 2nd ships rigging complete.

 One coat of brown paint on the ships at 12:20AM.

So this is at the convention, we are in the gaming area finishing my table. I'm using foamcore for simple ice flows. Alan and I are quickly carving them out with an x-acto knife and glue down with a hot glue gun. Lou is in the background painting the ships. We have to leave space for the hulls to sit on the water.

 Getting there. Need to finish drybrushing, and add tattered sails.

 With the ships done, we can fit them into the ice.

 I traced out the hull on foamcore to use as a base for the ships to slide into.

 Then Alan and I cut more foam to build up the "ice" around the ships. Also it's hard to see but one of the ships is pushed up and tilted as the ice crushes in.

I think they came out pretty good.

Finished board pics to come, Xin


  1. Looks excellent. The ice is very effective.

  2. Your table looks amazing!! Very well done...