Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Frostgrave table for Cold Wars 3, Lighthouse

Two posts in one day, must be a slow work day.

My harbor needs a lighthouse. I was going to build a traditional looking one, and even bought some stuff for it, but I really didn't have the time. So I went in another direction entirely.

I bought off ebay a GW box set, Eternity Stairs and Dreadfire Portal. My friend Lou suggested using it as a lighthouse. At first I was setting on building the traditional lighthouse, but I slowly came around to the fact that time was not a luxury I had.

So here's my take on a lighthouse in the Wizardly World of Frostgrave.

First up, I needed a light for the top of the lighthouse. I found these Skylander things that work with xbox, on sale at walmart. I got this one for the blue crystal.
I got this one for the round base.

 Some liberal use of power tools freed the component parts. So I could swap out the crystals.

 The Crystal is solid so I drilled a hole in the base up into the crystal.

 Back when I did my X-Wing Asteroid Buster game, I used LED's to light the hangers. I wanted LED's to light the crystal. I ordered more LED from the same site,  ModeltrainSoftware.com. Battery connector, on/off switch, flickering blue LED. Great site with lots of options.

 You can't see the flickering, but trust me on this.

 Here is the base that the lighthouse will sit on. A rock outcropping in the harbor.

 Test fitting, I think I'm good for paint and wiring.

 Drilling out the base for the wiring.

 Drilling only took me so far. A Dremel with a grinding attachment did the rest.

 Two small holes to run the wires through. Perfet placement, Thanks Games Workshop.

 It's all coming together.

 I went with a aged copper look, for the topper, and on some of the lighthouse bits.

 Checking out the look on my harbor.

Now I just need to carve out a spot for the battery and it's ready for paint.

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  1. Now that is a very impressive structure. I'll have to keep my eye out for those skylander bits, they look great.