Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Frostgrave table for Cold Wars 2, Shanties

I've made some progress on my FG table but it's slow going. Building 2 different tables in the same space was very ambitious....

Again, since I have a lot of set pieces for FG already done, this is not a linear build. I sort of hop all over the place.

On to the pics. This is my Shanty update. One of the sections of the table will be a harbor, and I imagined the area around the docks is not the best area of town. So I wanted to make some poorly made and rundown shanties for the dock area. I started with Stone Floor Bases from Renedra, that I picked up from Brigade Games. Then the rest is foamcore and coffee stirrers.

 I did a quick design in MS Publisher for the building sides. After printing on card stock, I use that as a template to cut out of foamcore.

 Hot Glue the sides to the base.

  I then use Aleene's Tacky Glue to stick the coffee stirrers to the foam core. This allows you to slide the sticks around to get them right where you need them.

 I use my sprue cutters to clip off the ends of the coffee stirrers.

 Here's what it looks like before cutting.

 I do one side, then let the glue set. It's too easy mess up the siding before the glue sets.

 Adding a piece of roof.

 Cut up boxes for singles.

 My friend Lou suggested some inside beams.

 Getting some paint on and rubble on the floor. Using sand and PVA glue.

 So the first building was a proof of concept. It came out great, so I banged out 3 more.

 This is the slow part. Gluing all the siding on. I made the mistake of doing the roof first on the 3 others. Now I have to cut the stirrers to fit. Slows me down.

Finished painting the first one. The other 3 are still in progress.

 Some figures for scale.

I added some more light. The other pics were kind of dark. I'd really like to make a dedicated photo area in my basement. Of course I'd like about 5000 more square feet of basement too.

Next post, ships!



  1. Very nice work and good luck finishing everything up in time! :)

  2. Pretty straightforward, but very effective. Nice work!

  3. Your shanties look great! Nicely done.

  4. They look great. Very useful for lots of settings!