Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Marauder Dwarf MM10/3

I have a good amount of old Warhammer figures lying around. One of the plans for 2019 is do single figure painting alongside big projects. So slowly the pile of shame goes down and I get painted figures? Win, win!

First up, is this Marauder Dwarf MM10/3

I want figures painted to a decent standard that I can play with. So no Golden Demon Award attempts here.


One down, 34,783 to go...

Cheers, Xin

Monday, January 14, 2019

Rangers of Shadow Deep

The author who wrote Frostgrave, Joseph McCullough,  has written another ruleset, called The Rangers of Shadow Deep. This is a self published title that is available from RPGNow. You can get Print on Demand or PDF. I got both. 

Using roughly the same rules from Frostgrave, for a cooperative or solo game, this looks to be alot of fun. You play a Ranger and his companions that have to explore the strange area known as The Shadow Deep. A dark Evil is consuming the land swallowing up villages and kingdoms in it's Black Clouds. Sort of a cross between Lord of the Rings and X-files. 

The play is solo or cooperative based. I've never done a solo wargame, so I am looking forward to it. I needed a Ranger and companions to start my missions. I looked through my basement of unpainted figures and found a newly purchased box of Human Warriors from Northstar's upcoming game, Oathmark. I thought these would do nicely.

I came up with the concept of a Capt leading a small band of Soldiers, as opposed to a Strider type Ranger. So I pulled out 5 Plastic figures and one metal Champion. This would be the base of the warband. As they are supposed to be part of the same unit/army I picked a common color scheme that I would use across all 6. While painting them I came up with the name of the unit, The Alladore Grey's. Alladore being the Kingdom where the game is set.

Here is Captain Vallador and his men. 

The rules allow the main character, the Ranger, to add or subtract companions(Red Shirts) as needed. I will paint up some addition soldiers types for the Warband, and eventually paint enough Alladore Grey's to make a Unit or 2 for Oathmark.

My first painted figures of 2019! More to come.


2019 and goals

So I normally hate "new years resolutions", but sometimes they do work. I'd rather think of them as goals.

So my goals for 2019 are pretty simple, in concept, but harder in execution. And they are most likely goals that most of us share. So here they are.

1. Game more. I spend more time reading about others gaming then anything else. I need to get on the table with my lead, and have fun with friends.

2. Paint more. My pile of shame is growing and it has to stop. Buy less, paint more.

3. Blog more. I do enjoy blogging. It's a nice record of where I've been with Gaming. I just need to do more of it.

That's it, simple, right?

To that end I have 3 immediate projects going in 2019.
    - The Old World Army Challenge
    - Refurbish and update one of our convention boards, The Battle of Rivoli
    - Add more detail to my Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago board.

Expect more posts on those 3 items and other gaming and painting projects.

Have a good New Year!!!


Sunday, December 16, 2018

Cool tool I found

I saw this tool while watching videos on Youtube, the Amenitee Universal Angularizer Ruler

Immediately the video caught my eye as something I can use for terrain building. Here's the video:

It's now on it's way to me from the good folks at Amazon. I like to give local businesses a chance, even big box stores, but Home Depot didn't have it. So Amazon it is. 

Cheers, Xin

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Oldhammer Necromunda-esq Kickstarter

I came across this Kickstarter the other day. Looks pretty cool. I think I'm in for $50 or $60 bucks worth of figures.

Lots of warbands in there. I think I'm picking squat looking guys.

Check it out: Sandstorm Wars

Cheers, Xin

Monday, November 12, 2018

Icons of Pulp Fantasy Kickstarter

I just came across this small little Kickstarter. These guys look vaguely familiar but I can't put my finger on it.....Hmmmm.

I like to support small Kickstarters, as opposed to the huge ones that are really pre-order systems. This is what Kickstarters are about. Getting something made that would not normally see the light of day.

Also, who doesn't need a good Conan figure? The cool thing is these are already sculpted and molds are made. Not some CAD Renders which I've seen on some KS's.

I invite you to jump on board for some of this Pulpy goodness.

Link Here


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Painting up some old Imperial Guard

I will be doing the Old World Army Challenge again in a few months. I think starting in January. Until then, to keep the kids occupied we did a 2 month Sprint Challenge. One 40k unit with support. An easy to finish goal, and get some old lead painted.

I don't play 40k anymore, well not since 2nd edition. But like all good hoarders....er Wargamers I held onto my old figures. I went digging into the boxes of shame and came up a unit of Imperial Guard, Ice Warriors of Valhalla. Not new in box, but in good condition. I picked them up for a cheap price at a flea market years ago.

Out of the scattering of old 40k figures I have they were the most complete unit. I found a 10 man squad plus a Mortar Team, 2 heavy weapons and a Commander. More figures than I needed to paint for the challenge, but better to paint now than having 3 figures left over. Plus I might be able to use them for Kill Team or Rogue Trader.

 I didn't go with the standard paint job. I tried a couple of different paint schemes before landing on this one. I am very happy with the colors I ended up with. Sometimes picking colors is the hardest part for me.

I also I didn't go with snow covered bases because I have no other snow covered figures to use with them. I tried to "cheat" and just give it a blotchy light grey dry brush. It looks a little snowy. Also not out of place in city ruins. It works well enough for me.

It was a fun little challenge and nice to get paint on old figures. Now the real trick is to get them on the table. Lately I do more painting than playing, and that's not alot.

Xin/ Jeff