Sunday, October 9, 2016

IT from the Pit

In my unending quest to clean up the basement(wife's words), or re-organize my gaming space(my words) I came across a fun game I played with the kids when they were a lot younger. It From The Pit!

Your an Indian Jones type treasure hunter with 4 lives. you have to make around the pit and reach the treasure.

It will reach up and drag you into the pit.

You can go the fast and dangerous path or the slower and safer path.

It's a crazy fast paced game. Great fun.


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Upgrading my workbench

Over the summer I bought a new workbench from Amazon(Link here), and have been slowly getting it together. I'm almost all done, but there are a few more odds and ends that I need to finish.

The cool thing about this bench is you buy the lumber separately so you can customize the size you need. It can handle plywood sheets as large as 4x8. I went with 3x6 as this fit the space I had.

I added a pegboard back to the workbench. And added under shelf lighting. 

I might be obsessive compulsive about organization and my flock. 

I need more red lids. I can't have them different colors. I need help.

Later, Xin  

Friday, September 16, 2016

Another game of Dragon Rampant with some add on rules.

I really like the base mechanism of DR but I think it's a little too generic. Just a little bit. Also I was looking for a more "warhammer like" game. So I asked on The DR facebook group if anyone is playing with House Rules to add to the game.

Apparently one of the playtest versions before going to print had rules for flanks and rear attacks. I thought these were a good start. Copied from the Dux Rampant Forums:
• Models may move in any direction without penalty, but at the end of the unit’s movement, ensure that all models are facing in one direction.
• To change the direction a unit is facing requires a Move activation, even if the models just turn on the spot.
• Units may only Shoot at targets across the 180° arc to their front, measured from the unit’s forward-most model. At least one model from the target unit must be fully within this arc.
• Units may only Attack units within that same arc; the same applies for Wild Charges (they may not be made against units outside of the arc).
• Units shot at or Attacked by a unit beginning its move or shooting from behind its front arc count their Armour as 1 lower than normal (so Armour 2 becomes Armour 1). This is pretty deadly so don’t get flanked!
• Schiltrons cannot be flanked.

With those rules above we added the following:

  • All troops must be formed(base to base contact), exception for skirmishers
  • Troops can move forward/wheel/echelon normally
  • Movement sideways or backwards is half speed. 

With these rules in place we sat down for a 48 point game...

Empire vs Dark Elves

Empire Army
Elector Count and bodyguard - Elite Rider w/ Level headed(Army General) RMU 3 figures
Empire Knights - Elite Riders w/ Level Headed
Empire Pistoleers - Light Riders w/ Short Range Missiles(pistols) 
Wolf Knights - Elite Riders/Mystic Armor, RMU 3 figures
Empire Spearmen - Heavy Infantry
Empire Halberdiers -Heavy Infantry
Crossbowmen - Heavy Missile
Crossbowmen - Heavy Missile

Dark Elf Army 
Elf Sorceress - Elite Rider (Army General), SMU with Spellcasting
Cold One Riders - Elite Riders
Cold One Riders - Elite Riders
Dark Elf Xbow - Light Missile Dark Elf Xbow - Light Missile Dark Elf Xbow - Light Missile
Witch Elves - Bellicose Foot
Dark Elf Inf - Heavy Foot
Dark Elf 2 Handed - Elite Foot, RMU
Dark Elf Inf - Heavy Foot

Scenario, grab and hold 3 objectives in the center of the board. Highlight in blue.

Troop types left to right, Light Rider - Elite Rider - Heavy Missile

Heavy Foot - Heavy Foot

Heavy Missile - Elite Riders - Elite Rider

Good guys

Bad guys

Elite Rider Sorceress(off screen) - Elite Riders - Light Missile - Elite Foot - Heavy Foot - Bellicose Foot

Light Missile - Heavy Foot - Elite Riders - Light Missile(Off camera to right)

Dark Elf player goes first. Elf Sorceress, Cold One Riders and Xbow advance to the objective on the hill, turn ends
Empire turn, 2 Heavy Foot move to the center objective and my Xbow kills 2 dark elves.

On the left my Pistoleers move thru the village to shoot at the Cold One Riders, no effect.

This is after turn one, things get fuzzy here because we blow alot of activations and not much gets done on either side.

I finally get my Wolf Knights going and Xbow advance.

Dark Elf Xbow advance.

I lose a Pistoleer to Xbow fire. My opponent is very happy. He hates my Pistoleers.

I continue to fail rolls while the Dark Elf player gets most of his line advancing.

My Wolf Knights make a Wild Charge and kill a Cold One. They flee.

The Dark Elf Heavy foot charge my Wolf Knights and I beat them off, they flee. But I take a hit.

Still not getting my troops moving but I am shooting the crap out of his advancing troops.

Pistoleers evade a charge and kill another Cold One. They Flee again.

On the far side I lose a Wolf Knight to xbow, but I massacre them in return.

Back in the center, my foot inches forward.

Witch Elves charge and are beaten back. The other Dark Elf foot unit also charges and is beaten back.

At this point we call a minor Victory for the Empire. I have 2 of the 3 objectives and it's getting late.

I enjoy DR, and with the additional rules I really like it. More games and a few more rules tweaks and we are in business.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Frost Giants for Frostgrave, Part 2

Back in February I bought off eBay some 54mm Russian Vikings. I blogged about it, part 1 is here. Well I finally finished them. I am very happy with the way they came out. Much better than I thought they would. I might have to get some more of the line of figures as make some cool models.

I only made modifications to one figure. I clipped off the Bow and put in a spear. Other than that, they were just fine as they were. Here they are finished.

Now with my luck, I'll be the one they attack in our next game of Frostgrave.


I just noticed how washed out the colors are. The skin is grey in the pictures when it should be blue.
Here is a color corrected picture that is more like the actual paint job.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Sculpting update, D&D Ropers

I really don't play D&D that much any more, but 25 years ago, that's all I did. So now I dabble in it and like to have monsters for the game, as well as useful in other Fantasy Gaming. I can't sculpt my way out of a wet paper bag, but my good friend Lou is an amazing sculptor. I asked him if he could sculpt up some Ropers and boy did he deliver.

 Quite large lads. Almost Kang and Kodos like.

Added some Frostgrave Soldiers for scale.

This will not end well for them.

Thanks Lou!


Painting update, Frostgrave Skeletons

A while ago I picked up the Undead Encounter pack for Frostgrave. It contains, 10 Armored Skeletons, 4 Ghouls and 3 Zombies. All of them are Mantic Undead Plastics.

To be honest at first I didn't care for the Skeletons. I thought they were tiny and wouldn't look good with my other Skeletons. But I paid for them so I reluctantly pushed through my dislike and painted them. I'm glad I did. They look so much better painted. Lots of detail and varied poses. Here are pics of them painted up.

I think I will do an undead army for Dragon Rampant.


Monday, May 2, 2016

Warhammer Fantasy Battle Report, Empire vs Elves

Once again I do battle with my nemesis and co-conspirator in gaming Lou. We met the other night for a 1500 point battle of 8th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Lou did a good job slapping me about the table and reminding me why I haven't played WHFB in about 2-3 years. I have a love/hate relationship with the rules.

I love most things about the rules right up until battle time and the rock/paper/scissors, nature of the game. Anyway here's the Battle Report.

Empire Army 1500 points on the nose.
Regiment of Spearmen with Archer Detachment and Warrior Priest
Regiment of Swordsmen with Archer Detachment and Warrior Priest
Unit of Inner Circle Knights with Army General
Unit of Pistoleers
1 Great Cannon
1  Captain on a Pegasus w/ Army Standard
1 Unit of Crossbows
2nd Level Wizard(useless waste of lead and paint)

Wood Elf Army 1500 points or there abouts
2 Glade Riders Units
1 Dryad Unit
1 Wardancer Unit
2 Glade Guard bow units(apparently armed with MG42's)
1 Eternal Guard with sharp pointy sticks(I think)
1 Elf Wizard(as useless as mine)

I set up the table a head of time and when Lou showed up, we diced for sides. Lou won and picked the left. Then we diced for first move and Lou won again.

 Here's the initial deployment. So here comes the rock paper scissors. I went with abalanced force( I could go shooty too) But I'm facing a ridiculous amount of shooty. The Glade Guard are BS4 and Str 4 Longbows. I'm already at a huge disadvantage and we haven't moved a figure.


 Glade Riders and Wardancers.

 Glade Guard

 More Glade Guard with Eternal Guard in the back.

Glade Riders

 From my side of the table.

 My Battle Master Knights and Pistoliers

 Down the battle line

 My 2 Regiments of foot and a Captain on a Pegasus.

 I figured the crossbows and a Canon could hold up this flank, Not so much.

 The Elves start their move and the Glad Riders swing wide of the Xbows.

 In the center the Glade Guard just notch there arrows.

 On my left the Dryads, Glade Riders and Some Wardaners move forward. This is a problem since all 3 units I'm facing can skirmish. I should have take more missile troops.

First turn shooting results. The lone xbow dude passes panic test! My first cannon shot goes long.

 I move up cautiously to get my Pistoliers in range. I think I killed maybe one or none.

 Glade Riders slipping further to the flank.

 2nd Turn I kill a few more dryads. Oh I almost forgot. My wizard lost all his spells in a magic mishap this turn.

 My Archer detachment moves up the the tower. I kill one Dryad and 3 Glade Guard. The Glade Guard panic and flee, big break for me.

 So here's my 2nd cannon shot. First die is my first bounce, nailed it, skipped right through 2 Glade Riders. Kill them on anything but a 1.

And here's my roll.

 Looks like I forgot to take some center pictures. Basically I moved forward and used skirmishing archers for cover. I got one archer detachment in the tower. Spear and Pegasus ready to charge Wardancers.

 The Dryads charge and I stand and shoot. I get wiped out to the man. I never got to swing.

 Gun over run on the right flank.

 My lone xbow dude charges the Glade Riders in the rear, they flee!

 I charge the Dryads with the knights, break them, and slam into the glade riders

 My Captain charges the wardancers and we lock. I should have been more aggressive with him.

My archers in the tower are starting to earn their pay and kill a few here and there. They killed 3 Glade Riders before my Knights hit them. This is where we had to call it. 3 or 4 turns.

The Elves were definitely winning but I was about to wipe out the Glade Riders and Dryads. The Wardancers were in a bit of trouble as My spearmen were going to pile into the fight. On the other hand, I lost 90% of a Crossbow unit. The sole survivor would be dead soon. The Cannon was gone. My Swordsmen reached the enemy line but now had to face The Eternal Guard and Glade guard alone.

Some thoughts on Warhammer. The biggest issue I have always had in Warhammer(and 40k) is the way "who strikes/shoots first". In the earlier versions it was who ever charged first. Now it's who has the highest Initiative. I hate that! It ruins the game for me. In years past I built my armies to mitigate what I hated most about the rules. Lots of shooty/Spears/Detachments/Skirmishers. All in an effort to avoid getting screwed by the rules mechanics, until I could charge. I like simultaneous combat. I really can't see it any other way. That is not to say I haven't had some fun along the way. I have, but that's probably more to gaming with good friends than the rules themselves.

I think Warhammer is going back on the shelf for a few more years. While I find a replacement. Kings of War is out, it suffers the same issue. Clash of Empires? War and Conquest? Write my own? Time will tell.